Are we the only people in this country who want to see Star Wars VII?

Light sabres at the ready – today has seen the trailer for the new Star Wars game and the release of cinema tickets for The Force Awakens. If he didn’t think he was too grown up (hahahaha!) I think Scifi hubby would be zooming round the house pretending to be a Millennium Falcon. 

Scifi hubby has been pestering me to buy the cinema tickets but as we don’t live in a Star Wars crazy country I thought I could probably ignore him for a while. Especially as cinemas here don’t usually put tickets up for sale until ten days before the screening. Luckily I decided to check for the closest cinema likely to show it in English and discovered that they had actually put tickets up for sale this morning. Oops! After a brief panic I tried to book tickets ‘before it sold out’. I got to the screen where I could choose our seats to discover that I had the pick of the whole cinema. No one had booked a single seat. 

Maybe it’s because we are seeing the English version. Maybe it because we are going on the Friday and the movie comes out on Wednesday. Maybe it’s because we’re going in the afternoon whilst Scifi baby is at crèche. Whatever it is we’ve managed to get the perfect tickets for us and its likely we will be alone in the cinema. 

Just don’t tell Scifi hubby he was right. 


These are not the toys you’re looking for. Move along…


Excitement about the new Star Wars movie has been escalating in the Scifi household. Scifi hubby has already been making plans to see the movie. Working out “what to do with the boy” so we can go to see it undisturbed. Tickets are already booked for Star Wars Celebration 2016 and plans are afoot to buy a Storm Trooper costume. So you can imagine the tornado of Star Wars madness that came with the announcement of ‘Force Friday’ a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately it’s been a roller coaster few weeks that’s ended in disappointment. 

It started as a low key Facebook Messenger post with a link to a ToysRUs press release. Then followed a rush to try and find out which stores would be open, making me phone round various stores to find out and huge fan boy excitement when I thought we might be able to go to one. Sadly I was wrong. We didn’t quite get tears but it was close. To be fair it’s not my fault that only five ToysRUs stores across the whole country were open at midnight but for a while I wasn’t sure if I would ever be forgiven for making him wait 9 hours more to get his toys.

Then the leaks started. First it was a list of all the toys that were coming. Excitement levels rocketed as both a huge version of the Millennium Falcon and black series 3.75inch figures (with “proper articulation”) were included. Then photos started to come out of the basic figures. Ranting ensued as it became clear that the quality is worse than the figures released with the movies in the 1970s. “Their helmets don’t come off, their knees don’t bend,  who wants them?  Hasbro can shove them in places only doctors can find them again…” The fact that they are kids toys seems to pass everyone by at this point.  We then had a long period of ‘will they, won’t they’ release the black series. Finally it became clear that they weren’t coming out for Force Friday and that the only Falcon coming was based on the original moulds. “It’s a 30 year old mould that’s just been spruced up. It’s like trying to polish a turd” was the rant around the house.

This is the point I should probably mentioned that none of these toys are apparently for Scifi hubby. It seems that our 20 month old son is so desperately in love with Star Wars that he needed ALL the new toys – but only if they were ‘right’. I don’t think he even recognizes Yoda yet.  

In the end Force Friday passed with a ten minute trip to ToysRUs and no money spent. 

Why was Star Wars not on TV over Christmas?!

Oops! So I only got to day 19 of the advent calendar before my parents arrived for Christmas then it was Scifi baby’s first birthday and finally some friends came to visit for New Years. Crazy but fun ten days and not a lot of time for blogging.

Most of Christmas revolved around baby’s first Christmas but I think I actually managed to find Scifi hubby some cool Christmas presents that were scifi related but he hadn’t seen before. Weirdly I think Batman duct tape was his favourite gift…

New Years always makes everyone look back over the year and as Scifi baby was only a few days old this time last year a lot has happened in the last 12 months. I spent last New Years Eve watching ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ in hospital with Scifi baby and chatting to Scifi hubby on Skype. We saw New Year in virtually and Scifi baby slept through it all. We brought Scifi baby home on New Year’s Day. This year I enjoyed a glass (or two) of champagne with Scifi hubby and friends whilst Scifi baby slept through it all upstairs – only waking to scream the house down at precisely midnight!

The year has flown by. We’ve had comic con, a ‘Bat’ism, been burgled and met Kevin Smith. I’ve used my sewing machine more than every before making Scifi baby blankets, Batman cot bedding, Batman tshirts for Scifi hubby, a Superman bean bag and Scifi mum has made Hulk trousers too. Scifi hubby has gained lots statues and even more books, toys and comics. I’ve also worked like crazy, flow over 55,000 miles and been away from home for 40 nights.

2015 looks even busier. We’re already planning the first comic con attendance of the year. We have a geek friend and his much more sane wife visiting in a few weeks. Scifi hubby is counting down to July when Batman Arkham Knight gets released and Scifi baby and I will be going away so he can play in peace. There’s books and statues on preorder and, I’m sure, a whole pile of things I’ve not planned for….

Happy New Year everyone!


Scifi advent calendar day 18

If I’m honest I was struggling with what to write today. It’s been a long day as we’ve been to see Santa at the top of a mountain. Yes, Scifi baby was wearing his new Batman jumper – silly question. Brilliant day but I’m knackered so I was very grateful when I finally collapsed on the sofa with a glass of wine to find that Scifi BFF had sent me a link to a website with Star Wars snowflakes. How awesome are these! Might be a project for tomorrow…


So that’s why my husband is dotty….

Scifi hubby is obsessed by dots…. I don’t mean polka dots, or spots I mean the three dots you put at the end of a sentence to signify an unfinished thought or missing words…. Apparently they are called ‘ellipsis’…. He puts them on the end of every sentence…. Just like this paragraph….

Now this obsession has me jumping up and down in grammatical rage already as he really over uses them. They are on every Facebook status, text message, email, everywhere. He’s driving me nuts. But it gets worse. Can you spot what is wrong with the dots in the first paragraph? It’s not just that they are at the end of every sentence but he uses four dots not three. ARGH! WRONG WRONG WRONG!

He’s driven me crazy with this for years. I started to think he was only doing it to wind me up but I’ve just discovered he actually has a reason for it. One that makes sense in a very geeky kind of way.

Now if you already now what I’m about to type you can officially class yourself as a fully qualified super-geek.

He put Star Wars on DVD this weekend and for the first time I really paid attention to the start of the credits. Everyone knows the yellow text scrolling up the screen: “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…” But have you ever properly looked at it?

IMG_0646.PNGIf you look closely it doesn’t say “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…”. It says “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away….” Yes there’s an extra dot.

It gets worse. The yellow scrolling text finishes with four dots each time too. For bonus super-geek points there’s one movie that only has three dots at the end of the the yellow scroll.

IMG_0657.JPGThanks George Lucas. Now I know why it’s four not three it’s driving me a little less crazy. I just need to wean him off using them on every sentence.

P.S. If you can tell me what’s wrong with the scroll photos you get even more super-geek points….

Smootchy poothchies baby – meeting @ThatKevinSmith #NIFF

I’m massively behind on my blog posts. So shoot me (Han shot first). I give up. Between a full time job, a seven month old baby and Scifi hubby I barely have time to think let alone type at the moment. However, loads has been happening in Scifi hubby world. We’ve met Kevin Smith, been to London Film and Comic Con, had a ‘Bat’ism and been burgled. And that’s before we start on the odd craziness that seems to follow Scifi hubby around. So I’m going to tell you the stories randomly, as I find time, energy and the relevant photos…

Let’s start with Kevin Smith.

Scifi hubby is a huge fan of Kevin Smith. He loves his movies but more than that he is addicted to his podcasts. To give both of them some credit some of the podcasts are actually quite entertaining. The only catch is that there seems to be a new podcast every day and Scifi hubby hasn’t yet worked out how to pause them so once he presses ‘play’ I’m glared at for speaking/breathing. Anyone who knows me can tell you that shutting me up for two minutes let alone two hours takes a miracle and making Scifi baby be quiet for that long is quite simply impossible. So Scifi hubby is mostly resigned to listening late at night or on long car journeys.

Kevin Smith announced that he was doing a few live shows in the UK recently and several of Scifi hubby’s friends managed to get tickets to the shows. Scifi hubby wandered round like a green eyed monster for a few days as we couldn’t go back to the UK for any of the shows.

Meanwhile… One Saturday morning I was checking the George R. Martin website to find out when he is finally going to publish the last book in the Game of Thrones series. (No, I’m not watching the TV show. I’ve loved the books for years and want to know the ending. I’m pissed off with the TV show as it’s delayed publication and is now, allegedly, changing the end to suit the TV. Don’t get me started…) There’s no answer on a publication date but the site mentions that he is going to be at the Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF). Neuchatel is very close to where we live and possibly the least likely town to host a huge Scifi film festival but apparently it does. I found their website and realised that the two week long festival actually started that day but the dates for George R. Martin clashed with us going to the UK for London Film and Comic Con so there was no way I could meet him and throw tomatoes at him until he gave us a publication date. However I also spotted that strangely Kevin Smith was going to be a guest of honor at the Festival too!

I mentioned this to Scifi hubby who refused to get excited and was very pessimistic about our chance of getting tickets, managing to see him etc. In the end I phoned the festival information line who told me that Kevin was speaking at the festival that afternoon, tickets were free and there were tickets available. I quickly ‘buy’ a ticket for Scifi hubby and, once I’ve peeled him off the ceiling, stuff him into the car along with Scifi baby and head into Neuchatel.

We got to the cinema with an hour to kill so got a drink in the cafe/bar outside. Sometimes you really know that you are in Switzerland and this was definitely one of those moments. Sitting in the sunshine having a drink fifteen minutes before a world renowned director is due to give a ‘masterclass’ at an International film festival and there was no queue. A few other people were clearly having a drink and waiting too but in the UK/USA this would have been sold out with a two hour queue to get in to the venue not a civilized glass of wine. Also the ‘guest’ would have been smuggled into the building through a back entrance. So we were more than a little surprised when Kevin and his wife just wandered up the path behind Scifi hubby.

Scifi hubby jumped up like a teenage girl at a music concert and asked Kevin if he would sign a couple of books he had brought with him that Kevin had written. Well, that’s what he tried to do. What came out was more high pitched, squeaky and breathless than he expected. He ended up babbling away about how Kevin was one of his heroes and he hadn’t been this excited to meet someone since he met Adam West. Luckily Kevin was very nice, signed his books and even took a selfie with him.


Scifi hubby went in to see the masterclass and Scifi baby and I went for a walk and ice cream. The end of the story? No. We went back to meet him an hour later and were a little early so Scifi baby and I got chatting to his wife who was lovely. I still can’t believe she doesn’t kill Kevin for some of the things he says about their relationship on the podcasts. Scifi hubby came out of the cinema bouncing up and down as he had asked a question during the Q&A session. Kevin had said on that week’s podcast that he been invited to visit the Star Wars set whilst he was in England so Scifi hubby showed off his true geek credentials, proved he listens to the podcast and asked what it was like to go on the Millenium Falcon. What’s more the whole event was being recorded and can be found here (Scifi hubby is around 33mins in).

So Scifi hubby ‘beat’ his friends. Not only did he get to listen to Kevin Smith but he also met him and got to ask a question. If he gets any more smug we may need to evacuate the area. My only concern is that Scifi hubby is starting to model his ‘fashion’ sense on Kevin Smith – really not a good idea.

Frequently asked questions – can I bluetac the babies head?!

*I’m discovering that Scifi baby does not understand the concept of blogging and certainly would rather mum played with him than tapped away on her iPad… I’ll blog when I can but apologies now for the gaps!*

One of the questions I seem to hear, and ask, a lot at the moment is ‘is it normal for a baby to…?’. The question can be on anything from sleeping or eating to making noises like a dinosaur – a very happy, high pitched dinosaur. In true scifi fashion I can add a few Q&As to the list:

What is the normal age to visit a comic shop for the first time?
I’m not sure if it’s normal but Scifi baby visited his first at six weeks and has been to four now. He even played in the stock room, had his nappy changed and had his lunch in one of them.

How do you take a passport photo of a baby?
Now this is a common question on patenting forums but I don’t think Scifi hubby’s answer is quite so normal. At just two days old he suggested bluetacking the baby’s head to the floor in a conversation very reminiscent of Bill Murray in Scrooged. I don’t think he was serious… (Scifi Grandad took the photos for us in the end with no bluetac or staples involved I promise!)

At what age should you first watch Star Wars and which movie should you start with?
The second part of this question is a no-brainer for me – it’s got to be episode four. In fact I might pretend episodes 1-3 don’t exist. Ignoring the precocious parenting ‘advice’ about TV/screen time for babies completely Scifi baby watched ‘A New Hope’ at just three days old whilst still in hospital.

How many superhero outfits should a baby have?
Erm… Do other baby clothes exist? I thought babygros only came as Batman, Superman or Spiderman. Oh and Tigger so we get to laugh at our darling baby with ears and a tail.

What age should a child first watch Aliens?
Ok so he’s not really seen the movie, even Scifi hubby draws a line somewhere. But he has visited the HR Giger museum in Gruyeres already and compared notes with the bullet babies.

I’m sure I’ll find more in the next few weeks. I’m now back at work and Scifi hubby has become full time stay at home dad which has huge potential for some interesting scifi nonsense. I’ve already caught him watching Pepper Pig and Thomas the Tank Engine. Sadly Scifi baby isn’t that interested in the Batman cartoons just yet…

Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin flew away

It’s the first year we’ve spent Christmas at home for a while and we put the Christmas decorations up this week. I love Christmas and we seem to collect more and more Christmas ‘stuff’ each year. In fact we have ten huge plastic boxes in the cellar which poor Scifi hubby had to drag upstairs so I could rummage through them (you don’t make a nine months pregnant Scifi wife rummage in boxes in the cellar – at least if you want to stay alive that is).

20131219-135035.jpgI’ve never been someone who wants a perfectly matching set of decorations. Most of the decs are red, green and gold or Santa shaped but it’s never been a hard and fast rule. Which is just as well as what I hadn’t completely realised was how much Scifi hubby has been influencing our decoration purchases over recent years…

I think it started with the nativity scene. Years ago I insisted we had to have one and although Scifi hubby really isn’t into religion he compromised when we found a nativity scene made from Playmobil (more on this last year). A couple of statues from Nightmare Before Christmas appeared a few years ago as did a singing Grinch and Shrek and Donkey with Christmas hats. Somewhere along the lines we collected a full set of four inch tall Muppet toys (from McDonalds I think) which now go on the Christmas tree.

This year I got part way through putting the decorations and decided to go for a nap (I’m blaming Scifi baby). When I came back Scifi hubby had finished putting all the decorations up and the scale of the Scifi/movie/kitsch invasion became clear. Our Christmas tree may be the only one to include: Batman; Catwoman; two batmobiles one of which plays the Batman theme tune; Superman; Spider-Man; Darth Vader (in a Santa hat); Jabba the Hutt (on his plinth); King Kong; Dumbo; Peter, Stewie and Brian from Family Guy; a full set of Muppets; Shrek and Donkey; the Grinch; Playmobil Santa, angel and various people; Spongebob Square Pants and Patrick; Jack, Sally and the little henchmen Lock, Stock and Barrel from Nightmare Before Christmas; various Smurfs; German glass Christmas ornaments of Santa on a motorbike, Santa in a UFO, a fat cat, a fat fairy, a glittery hedgehog etc; and of course a Coca-Cola truck and polar bear. Oh and going round the bottom of the tree there’s a musical Santa Express steam train.

I think the theme has become Scifi Christmas kitsch. I suppose I should be glad we still have a normal angel on the top – although that could just be because he’s never found a suitable Poison Ivy figure.

Can you spot them all…