“I do”, or do not – there is no try

We went home for a wedding and to finally meet Scifi nephew at the weekend. Oh and to pick up comics…

Scifi nephew is gorgeous. His mum has got him dressed in cutsie blue onsies and there’s lots of soft toy animals around. Absolutely no signs of Batman, Spiderman etc anywhere near him – yet. However with a father who is a mad Eve player and Scifi uncle around I’m sure that won’t last.

20120919-211516.jpg Scifi nephew with Scifi Auntie

The two friends who got married are huge movie fans and had persuaded the local cinema to let them get married in front of the big screen. To be honest the pair of them have seen over 100 movies there this year so I think the cinema probably owed them one. The cinema hadn’t hosted a wedding before but our friends applied for the wedding licence for them.

All the usual wedding superlatives apply. The bride looked beautiful, the groom was nervous, we had a great time etc. But what I loved was the fact they went all out on the movie theme. The invitations looked like the old movie advertising postcards. They had photos of the two of them up on the big screen. The cinema had rolled out the red carpet – yes an actual red carpet. We threw popcorn instead of confetti. There’s going to be some great photos of the bride on the escalators and the groom serving popcorn. Even the tables at the reception had movie names and there was a movie themed quiz on every table. Brilliantly done. Congrats to the bride and groom!

20120919-211631.jpg View from the back row of the cinema

Of course Scifi hubby can’t go anywhere without finding comics so in between the wedding and meeting Scifi nephew we visited the local comic shop, collected books that had been posted to my parents house and managed to see the new Judge Dredd movie. It’s a good job that there’s no weight limit on hand luggage…


The collection grows again

Scifi and hubby and I have been together for over 14 years. In that time we’ve gone from skint students to skint newly-weds to to skint first time homeowners to, finally, having a little money to have some fun. Interestingly the amount of money we’ve had at any given time has been clear in what scifi hubby has added to his collection.

Years 1 – 5
Normal 3 1/4″ Star wars figures
A local comic con with the odd bit part person from Star Wars (Greedo)

Years 6 -9
All of the above plus:
Graphic novels
12″ figures
More Batman stuff and less Star Wars
Travelling further for comic cons around the country

Years 10 – 11
All of the above plus:
Hardback omnibus special edition books
New York Comic Con
Batman Black and White Statues
Original pieces of art

Year 12
All of the above plus:
Sideshow collectibles statues…

I’m told that Sideshow Collectibeles are THE statues to have and worth their ridiculous cost. I remain to be convinced about that but Scifi hubby is super excited that his first one has arrived. It’s partly how good it looks (and that I can agree with) and partly that we can at last afford to buy at least some of the things he’s always wanted.

So the box arrived

And the actual box

And the insides

And the statue itself

Now we’ve just got to wait for his two friends to arrive.

And then see how many more SC decide to release – I don’t think the budget will stretch to the whole Batman universe or Justice League. Of course, we would have to win the lottery several times over to actually buy everything Scifi hubby would want. He’s currently ‘watching’ a life size Batman statue on eBay – keep dreaming babe… 🙂

A trip to the comic shop – on my own…

Scifi hubby is still away but his Previews order has arrived at our local comic shop. They would, of course, keep it a week or two but I thought it would be nice for him to come home to find a mountain of goodies waiting for him. So I nipped in on my way home from work.

Scarily they know me on sight now and instantly produced his order. They also know I don’t know a lot about comics so they don’t even try to talk comic stuff with me so we had a nice chat about the weather instead.

What I do love about this shop is that they have a loyalty scheme. Not quite on the scale of supermarket points cards or the Starbucks ‘buy nine get the tenth free’ scheme but I’ve never heard of another comic shop doing anything similar. Ended up getting £20 off the order today. Of course that probably just shows that Scifi hubby has spent a fortune with them in the last three months. Some questions are best not asked…

A pile of goodies waiting for Scifi hubby


Comic conventions have a distinctive smell which makes the light and airy venue for Kapow perfect. In fact it may have been designed with comic nerds in mind. Spread over several levels with a very high glass ceiling the smell has a chance to dissipate and for once wasn’t the first thing you noticed!


Scifi hubby was in his element – two days of comic book heaven. He got lots of autographs, a few sketches, too many new graphic novels (hard covers of course) and of course some comics. We also spent a lot of time in queues, made some new ‘queue buddies’, met Jonathan Ross, watched crap fake wrestling (don’t even ask but here’s video of Jonathan Ross taking part) and caught up with some fellow comic books friends including a few scifi wives.

I do love spotting the ‘girly touches’ at comic cons. There’s a growing range of DC and Marvel home furnishings available including mugs, cushions, tea towels and aprons. My new favourite has to be the Superman and Batman bathmats…



Finally home with a load of washing, comics to put away, sore feet but a very happy scifi hubby.

One day until KAPOW!

KAPOW! comic con starts tomorrrow so we’re heading to London tonight so we can be in the queue nice and early in the morning.

I am trying to show willingness for Scifi hubby so have packed my superman tshirt and painted my fingernails with superhero symbols…


Then I got a little carried away and attacked Scifi hubby with the nail varnish (I’ve hidden the nail varnish remover). Don’t you think red suits him? 😉


Nerds Assemble

We went to see the new Avengers movie yesterday. Scifi hubby was very pleased with himself for showing his true allegiance by wearing a DC tshirt and DC converse whilst going to see a Marvel movie – oh the irony. On a positive note he was a very happy boy and bounced all the way to the cinema, collecting his monthly comic order from the comic shop along the way.

We had the fun of seeing it with French and German subtitles. This isn’t a problem usually as you can just ignore them but there are two sections of the movie which should have subtitles into English and somewhere the translators missed that out. Trying to translate from German whilst Black Widow is being ‘tortured’ was interesting.

I love the way the cinema here, despite having sold only 25 seats in a huge cinema which could seat about 500 people sat everyone next to each other. At the very end of the movie (don’t panic not a spoiler) as the credits started the guy next to us stood up to leave. I found myself leaning over to tell him not to go as there’s a ‘hidden’ clip after the credits. Argh I’m turning into a geek.

But you know what, I actually enjoyed the movie. It’s a little long in parts but the story is quite good for a comic movie, I do actually (almost) care about the characters now, its fun seeing sections of New York get destroyed, I like the clever links to the other Marvel films and mostly it’s just good fun and worth watching just to see Captain America’s bottom in tights…

Scifi hubby felt the need to compete with Captain America’s bottom…

Scifi road trip

Why did I let myself get talked into this…? Somehow we seem to have accumulated scifi ‘stuff’ in the attic of my parents house. Not his parents house you notice but mine. Four huge packing cases of Batman toys (sorry, obviously I mean ‘collectibles’), lead figures of DC characters, an Iron Man mask, a Tonka truck (an original metal one of course), the odd Star Wars figure, just a few hotwheels cars some of which are Batmobiles, oh and not to mention hundreds of comics. All of which need to make it back to our house 1500 km away.

I started by hiring a car. Collecting it I discovered it was a Golf and not the large estate car I had ordered. 50km down the road the oil light came on – and flashed at me for the next 2950 kms…. Somehow we made it to my parents and proceeded to empty the attic.

Getting everything out of the attic was amazingly easy, partly because a wonderful friend gave us a hand. Batman can be a heavy fat bugger at times.

The helpful friend showing off her super powers

Then we had to load the car – in the rain. As I’m sure you know “the packaging is worth more than the product” so getting Batman boxes out of packing cases in order to fit them in the back of the car in the rain was a traumatic experience for Scifi hubby. After much packing and repackaging we got everything in so it wasn’t squashed but wouldn’t move around – its not even worth risking denting the corner of a box so bubble wrap and spare clothes were stuffed in every gap. Lucky we don’t have kids as there was only just space for the two of us in the car. It reminded me of one of those ‘guess how many sweets are in the jar’ competitions – ‘guess how many Batmen you can fit in a Golf’.

Heading home ‘someone’ decided we NEEDED to stop at Toysrus just in case they had anything he had to have. 30 minutes later we somehow have to get three more Iron Man toys, six more Hotwheels, foam Hulk hands, a Captain America mask and life size collectors editions Jessie and Bullseye from Toy Story into an already packed car.

Nine hours later through pouring rain we arrived home only to have to repeat the process by emptying the car whilst trying to keep everything dry.

Should I add at this point that Scifi hubby doesn’t drive.