Smurfy yumminess

Ok, time for me to confess, I have a bit of a soft spot for Smurfs. It all started when I was hunting the app store for a game like Populous (if you don’t know it you’re too young!). A game called ‘smurfs’ appeared as an option and, as you do when the app is free, I downloaded it to try. 18 months later I’m completely, smurfily, hooked. I have 433 smurfs plus Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Marco Smurf, Clumsy Smurf, Handy Smurf, Baby Smurf, Vanity Smurf, Lazy Smurf, Farmer Smurf, Nat Smurfling, – you get the smurfy idea. My Smurf village now smurfs across both the mainland and the tropical island and Scifi hubby and I have conversations that go something like:

    Scifi hubby – “Hello dear, how was work?”
    Me – “Good thanks. How are the smurfs?”
    Scifi hubby – “They’re busy growing melons”
    Me – “Why melons”
    Scifi hubby – “Because that’s what Papa Smurf wants”
    Me – “And the island?”
    Scifi hubby – “Papa Smurf has smurfs in the jungle for 5 hours and the bottle has sent a raft out for an hour so the others are growing magic blueberries and the palms trees are growing bananas. What’s for tea?”

Reading that back it sounds smurfily crazy even to me. And it gets worse – if the iPad beeps to say the smurfs’ crops are ready to harvest one of us will smurf to sort them out, even at 2am. Who needs smurfing kids!




So imagine my smurfy delight when Scifi hubby came home with a bag of edible Smurfs! Papa, Smurfette, Clumsy and Brainy all made out of jelly. Cue lots of Scifi hubby jokes as he licks Smurfette…20120826-141052.jpg The whole smurfy gang

20120826-141117.jpg Papa Smurf

20120826-141124.jpg The lickable Smurfette

20120826-141131.jpg Brainy Smurf and Vanity Smurf

The collection grows again

Scifi and hubby and I have been together for over 14 years. In that time we’ve gone from skint students to skint newly-weds to to skint first time homeowners to, finally, having a little money to have some fun. Interestingly the amount of money we’ve had at any given time has been clear in what scifi hubby has added to his collection.

Years 1 – 5
Normal 3 1/4″ Star wars figures
A local comic con with the odd bit part person from Star Wars (Greedo)

Years 6 -9
All of the above plus:
Graphic novels
12″ figures
More Batman stuff and less Star Wars
Travelling further for comic cons around the country

Years 10 – 11
All of the above plus:
Hardback omnibus special edition books
New York Comic Con
Batman Black and White Statues
Original pieces of art

Year 12
All of the above plus:
Sideshow collectibles statues…

I’m told that Sideshow Collectibeles are THE statues to have and worth their ridiculous cost. I remain to be convinced about that but Scifi hubby is super excited that his first one has arrived. It’s partly how good it looks (and that I can agree with) and partly that we can at last afford to buy at least some of the things he’s always wanted.

So the box arrived

And the actual box

And the insides

And the statue itself

Now we’ve just got to wait for his two friends to arrive.

And then see how many more SC decide to release – I don’t think the budget will stretch to the whole Batman universe or Justice League. Of course, we would have to win the lottery several times over to actually buy everything Scifi hubby would want. He’s currently ‘watching’ a life size Batman statue on eBay – keep dreaming babe… 🙂

“When you don’t know what’s in your collection that’s a really big red flag because it’s not a collection anymore it’s an obsession”

A new TV series has just started on the Syfy channel called ‘Collection Intervention’ and I’m torn between laughing hysterically and calling them up to meet Scifi hubby. The first episode follows two couples as one partner tries to downsize the others collection.

The first couple are both Star Wars fans but she is completely obsessed. Their whole house is full of Star Wars stuff. Now I know friends would say that the same is true of our house but even Scifi hubby has NOTHING on this woman. We have one room dedicated to scifi (and the attic full of boxed stuff). There’s some ‘leakage’ into other rooms but nothing too serious. This couple had Star wars toys on every inch of every wall in every room and Star Wars wallpaper underneath. Shelves and shelves of memorabilia. Even their kitchen spatulas were Star Wars themed.

The second couple have a cat infestation – a Catwoman that is. He has collected Catwoman to the extreme and yet not kept anything properly. It’s quite sad actually that he’s got into debt over it and then he looses so much money on it all through buying bad pieces, keeping it in a garage and not knowing what he’s got.

The show has a valuation specialist, Elyse Luray, who helps them sort and part with some of their collections. She’s got way more patience than I would have with them. Crying over selling an Ewok – really? If you’ve got a spare hour it’s worth a watch:

All this does put Scifi hubby in perspective. He hasn’t hidden the collection from me (at least not since after I said ‘I do’ – that I know of!). It is mostly confined to one room. He does generally know what he owns. There is a certain sort of focus. He does understand the value of what he’s got and, mostly buys stuff that will increase in value. On a normal to ‘crazy collector’ scale of 1 – 10 I’d say Scifi hubby is about a 7.5. Bad but not certifiable – yet…

“Extreme collectors have a deep emotional attachment to their items” Alise Loray

Note to self: keep geeky side quiet when having dinner with normal people

I’ve been out for dinner tonight with some people from work. We’ve had a lovely evening. We had cocktails on the roof terrace then great food in the garden restaurant. They are a group I don’t know very well yet but will be working with a lot in the coming months. Maybe I should have thought about this before my geekiness began to show…

As dinner table conversation flowed from work to holidays to restaurant recommendations to the Olympics to Delboy and Rodney being Batman and Robin to the latest Batman movie I found myself explaining the whole DC v Marvel universe. In WAY too much detail. No normal person should know this stuff.

Someone said they liked the new Spiderman movie but couldn’t understand why they were telling the back story all over again. What possessed me to actually answer I’m not sure but I did (I’m blaming the cocktails). How do I know the names of all the Avengers and all the Justice League? How do I know about Sony having the rights to Spiderman and Marvel wanting them back so they can include Spidy in the next Avengers movie? Why does no one seem to know that there is an extra clip after the end credits on all the Marvel movies which all link together? How do I know so much about the new Superman movie. And what ever made made me think that normal people would know or care who Adam West and Burt Ward are?

I’m hoping I didn’t sound as insane as Scifi hubby can at times. I didn’t rant about the Batman movie. I didn’t declare undying love for Superman. I didn’t tell them I’m half an inch too tall to be an Ewok. I didn’t mention the collection or conventions or that I was wearing Batgirl knickers (yes really). I think I pulled it off but I guess I’ll find out in the office tomorrow…

Batman and Robin appearing at the Olympic Closing ceremony

Bellinis, BBQ and Batman

It’s Friday night and 35 degrees so it’s time for a BBQ and cocktails. We were sitting in the garden having a lovely evening when, through the flicker of a citronella candle (there’s more bugs here than bats in the bat cave), I realised that the Batman ‘garden gnome’ could be seen.

When we moved house the removal men broke just two things… One was a cute mug with an elephant on it (a gift from my Mum but no big deal really – sorry Mum!). The other was a £300 Warner Bros 24″ Batman Statue.

All credit to the removal men that that was all they broke. They wrapped, packed, transported and unpacked over 5,000 Batmen halfway accross Europe. All with pointy ears, gloves with fins, fragile capes and general high ‘breakability’. Let alone the art…

As we unpacked we discovered Batman’s torso and Batman’s legs were no longer connected. Queue very upset Scifi hubby and slightly freaked out removal men. The language barrier didn’t help as they only spoke German and Scifi hubby is Yorkshire through and through. “Tut mir leid Frau Scifi…” The insurance company were great and quickly paid out the value we told them.

As it happened this is one of very few things that we own two of. The second is safely in an attic in its original box. As a result Scifi hubby couldn’t really be too upset. The insurance paid for a few new toys and the broken Batman, now valueless, had his legs glued back on and he became a rather expensive garden gnome. Shhhhhhh don’t tell Scifi hubby but I quite like our Bat-gnome.


F@&* you thunder

Our TV is sometimes a rolling cartoon programme as Scifi hubby appears to live on a diet of Family Guy, Cleveland Brown, American Dad, South Park, Simpsons, Futurama etc etc. So the thought of a movie made by the creator of a few of those didn’t exactly fill me with joy. Until, that is, I saw the trailer.

Scifi hubby has seen Ted twice this week whilst I’ve been at work and has been raving about it so I made him take me to see it at the cinema today. I’m really glad I did. It’s laugh out loud funny. The movie is funny anyway and then there’s lots of scifi ‘in’ jokes – and this is the bit that worries me slightly…

Does that fact that scifi hubby and I were the only two laughing at times mean that I now know too much about scifi or just that the rest of the cinema goers had lost their funny bones? I was rolling around laughing when Lori calls John’s phone and it’s the March of the Empire music – and she doesn’t get it! Maybe it’s not that funny, maybe people didn’t get the joke, or maybe the fact that Scifi hubby had that exact ring tone assigned to my number for several years just gives me a different perspective.

The star of the show came for dinner afterwards

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