But I didn’t get a hot dog

Ikea was surprisingly easy. Scifi hubby had a list of what he wanted, we found everything plus the predictable ¬£100 of stuff that you never plan for and always seem to end spending whenever you go into Ikea. It was hideously busy but we played ‘Millennium Falcon’ and zipped round avoiding meteorites (other people) and the Empire (small children) – complete with spaceship noises.


We finally found everything we needed, managed to fit it all in the car, found somewhere to park the car at home, unloaded everything and then it’s time to put it all together…


Three glass cabinets, a set of shelves, two lamps, two benches, two broken screws, one snapped alan key and much swearing later and everything finally looks like it should. Now the glass cabinets just need filling…


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Plans for the weekend

I have an excited scifi hubby. He finally gets to collect all his stuff from the friend that was ill last weekend so boxes of Batman are headed our way. AND we’re going to Ikea.

Normally I can’t get him into Ikea without kicking, screaming, sulking and the promise if a hotdog but this is to find some glass display cabinets for said Batmen so apparently that’s alright.

Flat pack hell with Batman thrown in anyone?!