Are we the only people in this country who want to see Star Wars VII?

Light sabres at the ready – today has seen the trailer for the new Star Wars game and the release of cinema tickets for The Force Awakens. If he didn’t think he was too grown up (hahahaha!) I think Scifi hubby would be zooming round the house pretending to be a Millennium Falcon. 

Scifi hubby has been pestering me to buy the cinema tickets but as we don’t live in a Star Wars crazy country I thought I could probably ignore him for a while. Especially as cinemas here don’t usually put tickets up for sale until ten days before the screening. Luckily I decided to check for the closest cinema likely to show it in English and discovered that they had actually put tickets up for sale this morning. Oops! After a brief panic I tried to book tickets ‘before it sold out’. I got to the screen where I could choose our seats to discover that I had the pick of the whole cinema. No one had booked a single seat. 

Maybe it’s because we are seeing the English version. Maybe it because we are going on the Friday and the movie comes out on Wednesday. Maybe it’s because we’re going in the afternoon whilst Scifi baby is at crèche. Whatever it is we’ve managed to get the perfect tickets for us and its likely we will be alone in the cinema. 

Just don’t tell Scifi hubby he was right. 


These are not the toys you’re looking for. Move along…


Excitement about the new Star Wars movie has been escalating in the Scifi household. Scifi hubby has already been making plans to see the movie. Working out “what to do with the boy” so we can go to see it undisturbed. Tickets are already booked for Star Wars Celebration 2016 and plans are afoot to buy a Storm Trooper costume. So you can imagine the tornado of Star Wars madness that came with the announcement of ‘Force Friday’ a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately it’s been a roller coaster few weeks that’s ended in disappointment. 

It started as a low key Facebook Messenger post with a link to a ToysRUs press release. Then followed a rush to try and find out which stores would be open, making me phone round various stores to find out and huge fan boy excitement when I thought we might be able to go to one. Sadly I was wrong. We didn’t quite get tears but it was close. To be fair it’s not my fault that only five ToysRUs stores across the whole country were open at midnight but for a while I wasn’t sure if I would ever be forgiven for making him wait 9 hours more to get his toys.

Then the leaks started. First it was a list of all the toys that were coming. Excitement levels rocketed as both a huge version of the Millennium Falcon and black series 3.75inch figures (with “proper articulation”) were included. Then photos started to come out of the basic figures. Ranting ensued as it became clear that the quality is worse than the figures released with the movies in the 1970s. “Their helmets don’t come off, their knees don’t bend,  who wants them?  Hasbro can shove them in places only doctors can find them again…” The fact that they are kids toys seems to pass everyone by at this point.  We then had a long period of ‘will they, won’t they’ release the black series. Finally it became clear that they weren’t coming out for Force Friday and that the only Falcon coming was based on the original moulds. “It’s a 30 year old mould that’s just been spruced up. It’s like trying to polish a turd” was the rant around the house.

This is the point I should probably mentioned that none of these toys are apparently for Scifi hubby. It seems that our 20 month old son is so desperately in love with Star Wars that he needed ALL the new toys – but only if they were ‘right’. I don’t think he even recognizes Yoda yet.  

In the end Force Friday passed with a ten minute trip to ToysRUs and no money spent. 

I’m a Batman widow – for a few days at least

It will come as no surprise to anyone that Scifi hubby has been counting the days to the latest Batman: Arkham Knight computer game. The game release date has been put back twice and Scifi hubby almost imploded when the last delay happened. 

A year ago he begged for “time off” from Scifi baby so he could just play the game straight through. As the game is rumoured to take about 50 hours to complete he may be some time… I originally booked a whole week off work and booked a holiday with my Mum and Scifi baby. We had a lovely holiday – it’s just a shame the Batman game didn’t come out when it was planned so Scifi hubby sat at home twiddling his thumbs! 

Typically the new release date (tomorrow) clashes with several big meetings I have for work. I’ve managed to book tomorrow and Wednesday off and Scifi baby goes to crèche anyway on Fridays but Scifi hubby will have to be on dad duty on Thursday. Sod’s law should have predicted that the game would arrive in the post early but it took us by surprise when it arrived today: 

  • Whilst I was at the office and couldn’t leave early. 
  • Whilst Scifi baby was having a temper tantrum. 
  • Whilst the cat was being sick all over the floor. 
  • Whilst we had a builder in the garden who doesn’t speak English. 

One of those kind of days. 

I eventually got home to find Scifi hubby in his new Batman costume (see below) desperate to be allowed to go down the cellar and play his new game. He says he doesn’t need sleep and doesn’t want disturbing unless the house is burning down. Not even for food. 

I just hope the game is good this time. 


Oh my god.  Even I’m excited about this #SWCA

Ok, ok I know.  I rubbish at blogging.  Remembering to post frequently is clearly not a strong point of mine.  Even this is short and sweet.  

I had to post something today. Oh my god! It looks amazing. Even I nearly cried. Scifi hubby is so excited it’s silly. He’s been watching the live streaming all evening. They were (almost) all on stage.  So was the droid.  And the trailer – just wow. The helmet. The voiceover. The Falcon. ‘This Christmas’.
If you have no idea what I’m talking about I’m not explaining but you clearly haven’t earned your nerd stripes but here’s a clue….   


By Scifiwife

You are fined one credit for a violation of the verbal morality statute

IMG_1798Why are there three seashells on a paper plate in the bathroom at the kids soft play centre? Not sure if it’s a cute movie reference or strange decor ideas.

I wonder if there are verbal morality machines hidden around the place to make sure we don’t swear in front of the kids…

Batman’s here to save us all from Mr Freeze…

Deep winter freeze that is. If you’ve got 50cms of snow and a Batman fan in the house what else do you get but a snow-Batman.

I was fine with this, except for some funny looks from our neighbours, until Scifi hubby came back inside, sighed and said “it’s just a shame he’s only white”. Stupid me then remembered a Pinterest post I saw about painting snow with food colouring. So Scifi hubby flew round the kitchen and ran off with the food colouring and my pastry brush. The end result is open laughter from the neighbours who are now clearly justified in thinking we are weird!


Why was Star Wars not on TV over Christmas?!

Oops! So I only got to day 19 of the advent calendar before my parents arrived for Christmas then it was Scifi baby’s first birthday and finally some friends came to visit for New Years. Crazy but fun ten days and not a lot of time for blogging.

Most of Christmas revolved around baby’s first Christmas but I think I actually managed to find Scifi hubby some cool Christmas presents that were scifi related but he hadn’t seen before. Weirdly I think Batman duct tape was his favourite gift…

New Years always makes everyone look back over the year and as Scifi baby was only a few days old this time last year a lot has happened in the last 12 months. I spent last New Years Eve watching ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ in hospital with Scifi baby and chatting to Scifi hubby on Skype. We saw New Year in virtually and Scifi baby slept through it all. We brought Scifi baby home on New Year’s Day. This year I enjoyed a glass (or two) of champagne with Scifi hubby and friends whilst Scifi baby slept through it all upstairs – only waking to scream the house down at precisely midnight!

The year has flown by. We’ve had comic con, a ‘Bat’ism, been burgled and met Kevin Smith. I’ve used my sewing machine more than every before making Scifi baby blankets, Batman cot bedding, Batman tshirts for Scifi hubby, a Superman bean bag and Scifi mum has made Hulk trousers too. Scifi hubby has gained lots statues and even more books, toys and comics. I’ve also worked like crazy, flow over 55,000 miles and been away from home for 40 nights.

2015 looks even busier. We’re already planning the first comic con attendance of the year. We have a geek friend and his much more sane wife visiting in a few weeks. Scifi hubby is counting down to July when Batman Arkham Knight gets released and Scifi baby and I will be going away so he can play in peace. There’s books and statues on preorder and, I’m sure, a whole pile of things I’ve not planned for….

Happy New Year everyone!


Scifi advent calendar day 19

I travel a lot for work and Scifi hubby often puts ‘his order’ in before I go. Especially when I go to the USA I usually end up hunting for a comic shop or having things delivered to my hotel to bring home. It’s very hard to surprise him but every so often I manage it.

When I visited the U.S. in September I needed to get a taxi to the shops and as I explained to the hotel concierge why I needed to go to a comic shop he very excitedly pulled out that day’s newspaper. The front page had a story about new Batman stamps coming out. Unfortunately it turned out that they can out the week after I came home.

So when I found myself in San Francisco two weeks ago I added hunting for a post office to my shopping list. Finally I managed to surprise Scifi Hubby. And he doesn’t know what else I got him for Christmas yet… 😄


Scifi advent calendar day 18

If I’m honest I was struggling with what to write today. It’s been a long day as we’ve been to see Santa at the top of a mountain. Yes, Scifi baby was wearing his new Batman jumper – silly question. Brilliant day but I’m knackered so I was very grateful when I finally collapsed on the sofa with a glass of wine to find that Scifi BFF had sent me a link to a website with Star Wars snowflakes. How awesome are these! Might be a project for tomorrow…