Jingle Bells, Space Wolves smell, Scifi wife ran away…

Sometimes Scifi hubby sinks to new levels of geekness that surprise even me. I knew that when he was a teenager he was a huge Warhammer 40,000 fan (those strange ‘Games Workshop’ stores on the high street to those of us who had a life). I knew there was a box of little lead figures which he had painted which have been moving house with us. I knew he went through a phase of being hooked on the Warhammer 40,000 iPad game recently, but that’s harmless, right?

I had (naively it seems) assumed he had left a longing for painting little lead toys and playing out imaginary games on a table top decorated to look like another planet when he grew up and discovered girls. I have been proved wrong. Tonight I caught him writing a message on Facebook to a fellow geeky friend (sorry Mat but you’re definitely a geek too) which surpassed his usual levels of geekery. Here’s the message with some added commentary from me:

“Yes I’ve been following the progress of the new Space Wolves for the last month.”
Actually I think I vaguely knew about this. I seem to have been drip fed information that I now realise is squatting in my brain. I just hope it’s not taking up useful space that I needed for something else like remembering how to make pancakes.

“Logan Grimnar, the chapter Master rides upon a sleigh. Do you remember the Squats from the 1980s/early 90s? Well it looks like they all moved to the Space Wolves home world of Fenris as weapons masters, making and forging weapons for the Space Wolves.”
Oh god now I’m worried as I actually understand half of this. For those who care Logan Grimnar is the name of a person (well a Space Wolf but let’s not split hairs here). He’s the head of the army for the Space Wolves for want of a better description. Squats I hadn’t come across before but boy do I know about them now… I really must learn not to ask questions.

“So all in all sounds pretty good, until you get a smart arse on the internet who points out something blatantly obvious – they’ve turned Logan Grimnar into Father Christmas and Squats into his happy elves.”
Erm, not sure where to start on this. Is Father Christmas eight foot tall, wearing a wolf skin with superhuman powers? I hope the elves still make toys not weapons. What would become of Rudolph in such circumstances?

“I would quite happily get back into collecting and painting Warhammer 40,000 stuff”
No no no no no no no no NO!

“but I just can’t justify the price.”

“The plastic figures are far more expensive than ever the lead ones were. Its just absolutely ridiculous… The only way I would get back into it is if they went back to lead figures for the character figures.”
Unlikely so I think I’m probably safe. Now it just need to make sure Scifi baby doesn’t get ‘infected’ with this nonsense otherwise I am in trouble.


Strange noises from the cellar

I’ve spent this morning pottering about the house and doing the final sewing for the nursery. I lost Scifi hubby a couple of hours ago but just assumed he was in his Batcave. I realised just now that there are some very strange noises coming from behind the cellar door. I opened the door to find Scifi hubby lying on the top of the cellar steps in his Hulk pyjamas with my iPad.

Apparently he is playing the new Space Hulk app which is ‘amazing’, ‘brilliant’, ‘like being 13 again’. It is also very dark and needs wifi. Hence the cellar steps – dark enough to play but not too far from the wifi! I knew he used to play Warhammer 40,000 when he was a teenager but I thought he’d left this element of extreme geekery behind. Seemingly not. I think I’ll be lucky not to have the house invaded by little lead figures.

Seemed a suitable day to wear my new tshirt…