What would you do with £70 million?

The lottery jackpot on Tuesday is huge and it’s got Scifi hubby thinking. He’s now spent the last three hours looking at everything he would buy.

So far Scifi hubby’s dreams include:

    VIP tickets to every US comic convention he ever wants to go to.
    Original art by lots of different people.
    Riding through every state of the US on a motorbike.
    Building our own house:

      The most important feature is that it would have a Batcave underneath, this would be a replica of the 1960s TV series set complete with the Batmobile on a rotating stand in the centre.
      A garage full of motorbikes.
      He’s been looking at life size characters to fill the cave up with from Batman to a Gamorean guard, Yoda, the Grinch…
      Any manhole covers on the ‘estate’ would need to be Gotham City themed.
      Stained glass windows of scifi characters.
      Huge TVs in every room.
      Life sized C3PO and R2D2 at the front door.

    A life sized dinosaur in the garden – we’re currently arguing over whether this has to be a herbivore (my choice) or if he can have a T-Rex.

I drew the line at a bed shaped like the Millennium Falcon and he’s kindly said he’ll let me design the kitchen…

I suppose I’d better buy a ticket.