Is it a dinosaur? Is it Hulk hands? No it’s a baptism present…

What do normal people buy for their nephew’s baptism? Scifi nephew is being baptised in a couple of weeks time so we recently started to look for a gift. I wanted to get something he can keep but that isn’t the predictable silver photo frame or baby book.

We were walking past the Disney store so Scifi hubby suggested having a look. Thinking we might find a china Kermit or Mickey Mouse I agreed. Cue a typical Scifi hubby moment as he picked up child sized Hulk hands and looked at me suggestively. Since then he’s suggested Tonka trucks, plastic dinosaurs, a Batman costume, and ‘my first Swiss army knife’.

I’m still not quite sure if he was being funny or if he actually thought that our 8 month old nephew would like/appreciate/be allowed any of them. Either way I’m pretty sure Scifi nephew’s mother and father wouldn’t be very amused!


When Scifi hubby drinks cocktails…

He’s home! The TV is officially back on 24/7 and only playing animation or scifi. But its good to have him back.

The added bonus is that he brought an old school friend of mine with him who we’ve not seen in ages. It turns out that amongst her many other skills she makes a mean cocktail. We started on sparkling rosé, then a jug of Mojitos, French 75s and Tom Collins’s. It does occur to me that there aren’t any scifi themed cocktails. There must be some recipes somewhere – ‘blue milk’ perhaps?

We had a BBQ with our cocktails and decided to play scrabble, with the addition of a new rule – all words must relate to scifi. Weirdly this worked quite well but was perhaps a little messy.

Just don’t ask why Scifi hubby is wearing a dinosaur mask…