Saturday afternoon at the comic shop


It’s a beautiful sunny afternoon so where better to spend it than the local comic shop? It’s amazing how long Scifi hubby can spend here – and how much he can buy!

He picked up Previews too so I’ve lost him now for the rest of the day whilst he fills his comic order in…


Welcome to my world!

Welcome to my blog. I’ve been tweeting as Scifi_wife for a while and decided I needed more space to moan, complain, despair and quite frankly laugh at the antics of my scifi nerd of a husband. I love him dearly but he’s such a geek that life often becomes a little surreal. We have a whole room of our house dedicated to scifi, comics and movies but it seems to spill out from into the rest of life too – from Star Wars bedding and chopsticks to Batman statues, hotwheel cars as a coffee table and timing our holidays around scifi conventions. THIS IS NOT NORMAL…