Nerds Assemble

We went to see the new Avengers movie yesterday. Scifi hubby was very pleased with himself for showing his true allegiance by wearing a DC tshirt and DC converse whilst going to see a Marvel movie – oh the irony. On a positive note he was a very happy boy and bounced all the way to the cinema, collecting his monthly comic order from the comic shop along the way.

We had the fun of seeing it with French and German subtitles. This isn’t a problem usually as you can just ignore them but there are two sections of the movie which should have subtitles into English and somewhere the translators missed that out. Trying to translate from German whilst Black Widow is being ‘tortured’ was interesting.

I love the way the cinema here, despite having sold only 25 seats in a huge cinema which could seat about 500 people sat everyone next to each other. At the very end of the movie (don’t panic not a spoiler) as the credits started the guy next to us stood up to leave. I found myself leaning over to tell him not to go as there’s a ‘hidden’ clip after the credits. Argh I’m turning into a geek.

But you know what, I actually enjoyed the movie. It’s a little long in parts but the story is quite good for a comic movie, I do actually (almost) care about the characters now, its fun seeing sections of New York get destroyed, I like the clever links to the other Marvel films and mostly it’s just good fun and worth watching just to see Captain America’s bottom in tights…

Scifi hubby felt the need to compete with Captain America’s bottom…

“Collector brother of Skeletor”

We finally have all of scifi hubby’s toys back home. He’s spent the last three days unpacking them – and, I’m sure, playing with them although he denies it 🙂


Whilst bringing everything in from the car he was heard to utter “I AM COLLECTOR, BROTHER OF SKELETOR” in true TV voice over style.


But I didn’t get a hot dog

Ikea was surprisingly easy. Scifi hubby had a list of what he wanted, we found everything plus the predictable £100 of stuff that you never plan for and always seem to end spending whenever you go into Ikea. It was hideously busy but we played ‘Millennium Falcon’ and zipped round avoiding meteorites (other people) and the Empire (small children) – complete with spaceship noises.


We finally found everything we needed, managed to fit it all in the car, found somewhere to park the car at home, unloaded everything and then it’s time to put it all together…


Three glass cabinets, a set of shelves, two lamps, two benches, two broken screws, one snapped alan key and much swearing later and everything finally looks like it should. Now the glass cabinets just need filling…


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Plans for the weekend

I have an excited scifi hubby. He finally gets to collect all his stuff from the friend that was ill last weekend so boxes of Batman are headed our way. AND we’re going to Ikea.

Normally I can’t get him into Ikea without kicking, screaming, sulking and the promise if a hotdog but this is to find some glass display cabinets for said Batmen so apparently that’s alright.

Flat pack hell with Batman thrown in anyone?!

Batman free night

I travel a lot for work and whilst I miss being at home I do take advantage of being away when I can. Usually work trips mean long days, late nights, lots of meetings and jet lag but occasionally I have an evening free. Whilst its often tempting to go out for dinner or explore a new city sometimes it’s a simple non scifi tv evening that wins.

So tonight I will be mostly watching Bridget Jones’ Diary. No Batman allowed…

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Oh dear :(

I’m about to have a very disappointed scifi hubby. He has several boxes of ‘collectibles’ at one of my friend’s houses and we were meant to be going to collect it all this morning. She’s just texted to tell me she’s ill so we can’t go round. He’s been looking forward to this all week so isn’t going to be a happy boy.

He’s still asleep and doesn’t know yet…

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Scifi road trip

Why did I let myself get talked into this…? Somehow we seem to have accumulated scifi ‘stuff’ in the attic of my parents house. Not his parents house you notice but mine. Four huge packing cases of Batman toys (sorry, obviously I mean ‘collectibles’), lead figures of DC characters, an Iron Man mask, a Tonka truck (an original metal one of course), the odd Star Wars figure, just a few hotwheels cars some of which are Batmobiles, oh and not to mention hundreds of comics. All of which need to make it back to our house 1500 km away.

I started by hiring a car. Collecting it I discovered it was a Golf and not the large estate car I had ordered. 50km down the road the oil light came on – and flashed at me for the next 2950 kms…. Somehow we made it to my parents and proceeded to empty the attic.

Getting everything out of the attic was amazingly easy, partly because a wonderful friend gave us a hand. Batman can be a heavy fat bugger at times.

The helpful friend showing off her super powers

Then we had to load the car – in the rain. As I’m sure you know “the packaging is worth more than the product” so getting Batman boxes out of packing cases in order to fit them in the back of the car in the rain was a traumatic experience for Scifi hubby. After much packing and repackaging we got everything in so it wasn’t squashed but wouldn’t move around – its not even worth risking denting the corner of a box so bubble wrap and spare clothes were stuffed in every gap. Lucky we don’t have kids as there was only just space for the two of us in the car. It reminded me of one of those ‘guess how many sweets are in the jar’ competitions – ‘guess how many Batmen you can fit in a Golf’.

Heading home ‘someone’ decided we NEEDED to stop at Toysrus just in case they had anything he had to have. 30 minutes later we somehow have to get three more Iron Man toys, six more Hotwheels, foam Hulk hands, a Captain America mask and life size collectors editions Jessie and Bullseye from Toy Story into an already packed car.

Nine hours later through pouring rain we arrived home only to have to repeat the process by emptying the car whilst trying to keep everything dry.

Should I add at this point that Scifi hubby doesn’t drive.

Wedding with scifi nerds

One of my oldest friends got married yesterday so we had a great day celebrating with the new Mr and Mrs. It was a beautiful wedding, the bride looked gorgeous in her white dress, the church was pretty with flowers, the reception was fab, the food good and the wine kept flowing – luckily…

I say luckily as we were sat on the table of ‘odd’ friends who they didn’t know where else to seat. No one knew each other but, with the help of a little alcohol, conversation was soon flowing freely. How appropriate then that we ended up with a movie geek couple, a hard rock music geek couple and a comic book geek couple – although when I say ‘couple’ I do of course mean the husbands and long suffering wifes.

You can imagine the conversation ranged over favourite movies, best gigs and festivals, DC v Marvel and was peppered with in jokes or quotes from Star trek. If I hear ‘Excelsior’ one more time I may scream. The women just rolled our eyeballs and drank some more. I do love champagne…

At least the wedding wasn’t like this one!


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