Nerds Assemble

We went to see the new Avengers movie yesterday. Scifi hubby was very pleased with himself for showing his true allegiance by wearing a DC tshirt and DC converse whilst going to see a Marvel movie – oh the irony. On a positive note he was a very happy boy and bounced all the way to the cinema, collecting his monthly comic order from the comic shop along the way.

We had the fun of seeing it with French and German subtitles. This isn’t a problem usually as you can just ignore them but there are two sections of the movie which should have subtitles into English and somewhere the translators missed that out. Trying to translate from German whilst Black Widow is being ‘tortured’ was interesting.

I love the way the cinema here, despite having sold only 25 seats in a huge cinema which could seat about 500 people sat everyone next to each other. At the very end of the movie (don’t panic not a spoiler) as the credits started the guy next to us stood up to leave. I found myself leaning over to tell him not to go as there’s a ‘hidden’ clip after the credits. Argh I’m turning into a geek.

But you know what, I actually enjoyed the movie. It’s a little long in parts but the story is quite good for a comic movie, I do actually (almost) care about the characters now, its fun seeing sections of New York get destroyed, I like the clever links to the other Marvel films and mostly it’s just good fun and worth watching just to see Captain America’s bottom in tights…

Scifi hubby felt the need to compete with Captain America’s bottom…

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