Someone’s been playing with my T-Rex…

My desk dinos always invoke comments from colleagues and visitors when they come to my office and see nine plastic dinosaurs around the place. My Director even squeezes them to make them roar occasionally. However, the latest addition seems to have found someone who likes playing with him secretly. Tommy the giant T-Rex was a valentine’s gift from Scifi hubby (see blog here) and he’s living in the plant pot in the corner of my office. For some reason of Scifi hubby logic Batman is riding Tommy.

I was sat at my desk on Wednesday when the maintenance guys came round to water the plant and pull any dead leaves off it. They saw Tommy and laughed to each other in German. I think they were saying he was sweet but it could have been that this is the crazy lady’s office – my German still isn’t great. They sorted the plant around him, carefully watered it from the other side so Tommy didn’t get wet feet and went on to the next office.

I came into the office yesterday to find Batman hanging upside down by his ankle under Tommy. I assumed he had fallen off, took a photo thinking it was quite funny and ignored him.

20130412-171458.jpgThis afternoon I’ve come back to my desk after a meeting to discover Tommy eating Batman!

20130412-171533.jpgNobody is owning up to playing with them but SOMEONE IS PLAYING WITH MY T-REX! Maybe I can claim T-Rex harassment?!

Do dinosaurs belong on ski slopes?

Dinosaurs have their place. They are interesting on the ‘wildlife’ tv programmes, fun in movies, make cute toys for kids and perhaps even belong in my office. I’m less sure that they should be on the ski/sledging slopes. All that crashing around and roaring could start an avalanche surely?

Scifi best friend is currently visiting so we went sledging in the mountains yesterday. She brought with her three t-shirts that Scifi hubby ordered – one for each of us. They are bright green and say ‘Ask me about my T-Rex’ on the front. When said question is asked you pull the bottom of the t-shirt over your head and roar like a T-Rex as the shirts have a T-Rex printed on the inside.

Predictably this resulted in lots of dino antics on the slopes. Luckily no avalanche but one crash with a skier (not dino related and not serious), several encounters with snow drifts (dino ‘racing’ apparently) and lots of aching muscles and bruises for Scifi hubby and Scifi BF this morning. I’m fine but then I didn’t try to beat the mountain in quite the same way they did. The mountain won.

Showing the t-shirts to my parents on FaceTime last night they both looked puzzled until Dad finally said ‘They mean T-Rex not T. Rex’. A little more explanation and the generation gap became clear – he was thinking of the Marc Bolan 1960s band and couldn’t work out why we were all roaring!

20130217-082109.jpgScifi hubby and Scifi BF roaring like loonies on the slopes

Romance Scifi style

Valentines day with Scifi hubby is always an interesting experience. He’s a romantic a heart but tends to express it in peculiar scifi ways.

This year it’s dinosaurs. The valentines card was a work of scifi perfection…



He met me at work this afternoon and brought three ‘friends’ with him as a gift. A spinosaurus, a brachysaurus and Batman riding a 22 inch T-rex – with sounds. Apparently they need to sit on my desk at work in order to be happy dinos. I left him in reception and took my dinos back to my desk and my boss helped me find somewhere to put them. Luckily she’s very understanding and finds scifi hubby an amusing subject. I’m not actually sure if this is a good thing 🙂

The dinos with their friends – yes I already had five dinosaurs. He’s been smuggling them into my handbag for years (the Care Bear is a whole other story!).

The T-Rex won’t fit so he’s currently stalking my neighbour over the office wall.

At least this year I joined in too and visited the comic shop to buy his present.


A night at the museum

It’s been a quiet week from a scifi perspective. Scifi hubby is away and I’m at a conference for work. It’s funny how rarely scifi comes into ‘normal’ conversation. However I did find myself doing something scifi hubby would love…

I attended a drinks reception/party at a natural history museum. When I received the invite I thought that was quite a cool venue but assumed that we would be in a reception room somewhere. I really wasn’t expecting that we would be in the main gallery of the museum and be able to visit all the exhibits. So whilst most people danced the night away, I went off exploring the almost empty museum, glass of wine in hand…

Firstly I wandered around a huge exhibit on plants of the world. Giant triffid type things behind glass, the history of tobacco etc. All rather dull really but slightly creepy with no people around.


But then I spotted a dinosaur. Now I’m not a huge dino fan but hubby loves them. He would love to bring them back Jurassic Park style but I’m not convinced that’s such a good idea. He’s dragged me around dino exhibitions wherever we go, and just loves the life size vegi-saurus (I haven’t a clue what it is) that lives in our local park.

It turns out that the dino exhibit is one of those new, interactive, noisy exhibitions that walks you through a maze of glass cabinets, bones, fake jungles, dino nesting sites etc. As you walk through you trigger various sound and lighting effects. This may be the point at which to mention that I can be quite a scaredy cat and jump at the least little thing. I’d also had a couple of glasses of wine, it was very late at night and there was NO ONE else in the exhibit.


At least that means there wasn’t anyone to see me as I carefully put my head around corners to see what was coming, jumped out of my skin in the ‘jungle’ when I saw something moving towards me (it was me – in a huge mirror behind the trees), spent quite a lot of time imagining the T-Rex coming to life and chasing me passed the Triceratops and almost screaming when I encountered the friendly chap below (he’s a giant ground sloth apparently).


As I emerged a little shakily from the exhibition the band started to play ‘I will survive’. Who said irony was lost on Americans?!