Someone’s been playing with my T-Rex…

My desk dinos always invoke comments from colleagues and visitors when they come to my office and see nine plastic dinosaurs around the place. My Director even squeezes them to make them roar occasionally. However, the latest addition seems to have found someone who likes playing with him secretly. Tommy the giant T-Rex was a valentine’s gift from Scifi hubby (see blog here) and he’s living in the plant pot in the corner of my office. For some reason of Scifi hubby logic Batman is riding Tommy.

I was sat at my desk on Wednesday when the maintenance guys came round to water the plant and pull any dead leaves off it. They saw Tommy and laughed to each other in German. I think they were saying he was sweet but it could have been that this is the crazy lady’s office – my German still isn’t great. They sorted the plant around him, carefully watered it from the other side so Tommy didn’t get wet feet and went on to the next office.

I came into the office yesterday to find Batman hanging upside down by his ankle under Tommy. I assumed he had fallen off, took a photo thinking it was quite funny and ignored him.

20130412-171458.jpgThis afternoon I’ve come back to my desk after a meeting to discover Tommy eating Batman!

20130412-171533.jpgNobody is owning up to playing with them but SOMEONE IS PLAYING WITH MY T-REX! Maybe I can claim T-Rex harassment?!

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