I’m a Batman widow – for a few days at least

It will come as no surprise to anyone that Scifi hubby has been counting the days to the latest Batman: Arkham Knight computer game. The game release date has been put back twice and Scifi hubby almost imploded when the last delay happened. 

A year ago he begged for “time off” from Scifi baby so he could just play the game straight through. As the game is rumoured to take about 50 hours to complete he may be some time… I originally booked a whole week off work and booked a holiday with my Mum and Scifi baby. We had a lovely holiday – it’s just a shame the Batman game didn’t come out when it was planned so Scifi hubby sat at home twiddling his thumbs! 

Typically the new release date (tomorrow) clashes with several big meetings I have for work. I’ve managed to book tomorrow and Wednesday off and Scifi baby goes to crèche anyway on Fridays but Scifi hubby will have to be on dad duty on Thursday. Sod’s law should have predicted that the game would arrive in the post early but it took us by surprise when it arrived today: 

  • Whilst I was at the office and couldn’t leave early. 
  • Whilst Scifi baby was having a temper tantrum. 
  • Whilst the cat was being sick all over the floor. 
  • Whilst we had a builder in the garden who doesn’t speak English. 

One of those kind of days. 

I eventually got home to find Scifi hubby in his new Batman costume (see below) desperate to be allowed to go down the cellar and play his new game. He says he doesn’t need sleep and doesn’t want disturbing unless the house is burning down. Not even for food. 

I just hope the game is good this time. 


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