Scifi advent calendar: day four

IMG_0642.JPGScifi mother in law (my Mum) got dragged into making new trousers for Hulk. Yes we have more than one Hulk – who doesn’t. And those of you who looked at this picture and sniggered at two Hulks ‘shagging’ need to join Scifi hubby in the naughty corner.

A special delivery

I know there’s been a gap in my blog posts but I’ve had my hands full with a special delivery that arrived just after Christmas. No, not the huge Sideshow Collectibles Batman statue (although Scifi hubby is almost as excited about that) but the arrival of Scifi baby.

20140128-193714.jpgWhich parcel was Scifi hubby more excited about I wonder?! Scifi baby (top – yes that really is Scifi baby in the box) or Sideshow Collectibles PF Batman statue (bottom) – in case you can’t tell them apart.

I know you all want cute baby photos and I’ve ruined it by putting Hulk’s head on Scifi baby but like all photos on this blog he is staying in disguise 🙂 We have had a long debate over which character he should be and finally decided that Hulk was the most appropriate. Hopefully he will be as intelligent as Dr Bruce Banner and he is certainly calm and lovely most of the time. However when he “goes Gremlin” it is like watching Dr Banner transform into the Hulk and go raging. Even Betty Ross would struggle to calm him.

Of course all the usual baby platitudes apply: he’s gorgeous, mother and baby are both doing well etc etc. However as a Scifi baby there are a whole other set of references that are being rolled out. Most babies look like Winston Churchill – Scifi baby looks like Yoda. Most babies cry/scream – Scifi baby “goes gremlin” but still needs feeding after midnight. Most parents pretend to eat their baby’s fingers and toes – Jaws is involved in the Scifi household. Most babies have a cute blanket in their car seat – Scifi baby has a Batman cowl/cape blanket. Most babies have pastel bedrooms and bedding – Scifi baby has Batman bedding in his cot and Avengers in his Moses basket. Most babies like nursery rhymes and soft classical music – Scifi baby goes quiet to the opening score of Star Wars A New Hope.

I’m hoping ‘normal service’ on the blog will resume now as I manage to type while he sleeps and you can be sure that the usual scifi craziness hasn’t stopped just because of a baby in the house…

Scifi hubby thinks he’s Iron Man

We went to see Iron Man 3 this week. Having listened to weeks of hype about it and having a rather excited scifi hubby it was quite fun that for once the movie came out over here before the USA. Don’t tell scifi hubby but I actually quite like the Iron Man movies. This one was funnier than the others, and I think it was actually meant to be. The bad guys were bad, the good guy was troubled, the female ‘interest’ was good looking and Pepper got to wear the Iron Man suit. Lots of explosions, big guns and explosions on planes – the stuff that scifi wet dreams are made of.

I did find myself wondering why Iron Man didn’t just call in SHIELD to help. Hulk would have put short shrift to superheated, self healing people. Especially as, if you are a proper geek and sit through all the credits in an empty cinema as the staff hover up around you, you see Dr David Banner at the end. Sadly it turns out I like the movie more than scifi hubby does! He’s read the graphic novel that it’s based on so is muttering about it not being true to the book. Maybe I need to worry about him turning into a comic book traditionalist…

However, for a DC fan scifi hubby gets very excited about the Marvel movies. He’s got an arc reactor chest light that he connects to his tshirt, an Iron Man mask, the Mark 7 armour bracelets and he’s convinced that the Black Sabbath tshirt is a really clever reference – shame no one else ever seems to get it. He’s also just got a new phone case which make the phone look like the Iron Man armour and when it rings the light flashes. To top it off the ring tone is the Iron Man theme tune.

Marvel seems to now be expanding throughout the house. We’ve got omnibus books, hulk hands, Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer. He’s also just ordered a series of wall lights that look like the hammer, shield and Hulk’s fist. He’s going to have fun finding places to put all of them at the new house.

P.S. I’m refusing to give in to the usual scifi cliches for today (May the 4th) but I do still have a Wampa in the fridge…

Is it a dinosaur? Is it Hulk hands? No it’s a baptism present…

What do normal people buy for their nephew’s baptism? Scifi nephew is being baptised in a couple of weeks time so we recently started to look for a gift. I wanted to get something he can keep but that isn’t the predictable silver photo frame or baby book.

We were walking past the Disney store so Scifi hubby suggested having a look. Thinking we might find a china Kermit or Mickey Mouse I agreed. Cue a typical Scifi hubby moment as he picked up child sized Hulk hands and looked at me suggestively. Since then he’s suggested Tonka trucks, plastic dinosaurs, a Batman costume, and ‘my first Swiss army knife’.

I’m still not quite sure if he was being funny or if he actually thought that our 8 month old nephew would like/appreciate/be allowed any of them. Either way I’m pretty sure Scifi nephew’s mother and father wouldn’t be very amused!


What would you save in a house fire?

It started as a joke about the picture below – a very true image I must say – and progressed very quickly to a debate about what Scifi hubby would save if the house was on fire. His answer was not me, or the cat (not really a surprise about the cat) but his collection. Or to be more precise a £5 plastic Hulk figure that roars when you pull his arms.

I started out quite insulted that he’d choose the collection over me but at my thunderous look he quickly stammered that he was assuming I was already safe. Hmmmm! But let’s think this through a little more…

He has a whole room of toys to choose from. Shelves and shelves of comics, graphic novels, special oversized compendia, a row of glass cabinets filled with numerous black and white statues, busts, original Star Wars figures, space ships hanging from the ceiling on clear string, half a dozen Batman cowls, two mannequins dressed as Batman and Joker, original art from artists such as Simon Bisley, David Hitchcock, Adi Granov and Clint Langley not to mention the hundreds of signatures from celebrities including Stan Lee. Yet he chooses a £5 Hulk that I bought for him, before we were married, when we were very skint. So skint in fact that I’d said he couldn’t have it as we had to buy food. But I waited until payday and went out of my way to go back and buy it for him.

It’s quite sweet really. At least while I’m burning to death I can be sure he’s thinking of me.