“I do”, or do not – there is no try

We went home for a wedding and to finally meet Scifi nephew at the weekend. Oh and to pick up comics…

Scifi nephew is gorgeous. His mum has got him dressed in cutsie blue onsies and there’s lots of soft toy animals around. Absolutely no signs of Batman, Spiderman etc anywhere near him – yet. However with a father who is a mad Eve player and Scifi uncle around I’m sure that won’t last.

20120919-211516.jpg Scifi nephew with Scifi Auntie

The two friends who got married are huge movie fans and had persuaded the local cinema to let them get married in front of the big screen. To be honest the pair of them have seen over 100 movies there this year so I think the cinema probably owed them one. The cinema hadn’t hosted a wedding before but our friends applied for the wedding licence for them.

All the usual wedding superlatives apply. The bride looked beautiful, the groom was nervous, we had a great time etc. But what I loved was the fact they went all out on the movie theme. The invitations looked like the old movie advertising postcards. They had photos of the two of them up on the big screen. The cinema had rolled out the red carpet – yes an actual red carpet. We threw popcorn instead of confetti. There’s going to be some great photos of the bride on the escalators and the groom serving popcorn. Even the tables at the reception had movie names and there was a movie themed quiz on every table. Brilliantly done. Congrats to the bride and groom!

20120919-211631.jpg View from the back row of the cinema

Of course Scifi hubby can’t go anywhere without finding comics so in between the wedding and meeting Scifi nephew we visited the local comic shop, collected books that had been posted to my parents house and managed to see the new Judge Dredd movie. It’s a good job that there’s no weight limit on hand luggage…