Are we the only people in this country who want to see Star Wars VII?

Light sabres at the ready – today has seen the trailer for the new Star Wars game and the release of cinema tickets for The Force Awakens. If he didn’t think he was too grown up (hahahaha!) I think Scifi hubby would be zooming round the house pretending to be a Millennium Falcon. 

Scifi hubby has been pestering me to buy the cinema tickets but as we don’t live in a Star Wars crazy country I thought I could probably ignore him for a while. Especially as cinemas here don’t usually put tickets up for sale until ten days before the screening. Luckily I decided to check for the closest cinema likely to show it in English and discovered that they had actually put tickets up for sale this morning. Oops! After a brief panic I tried to book tickets ‘before it sold out’. I got to the screen where I could choose our seats to discover that I had the pick of the whole cinema. No one had booked a single seat. 

Maybe it’s because we are seeing the English version. Maybe it because we are going on the Friday and the movie comes out on Wednesday. Maybe it’s because we’re going in the afternoon whilst Scifi baby is at crèche. Whatever it is we’ve managed to get the perfect tickets for us and its likely we will be alone in the cinema. 

Just don’t tell Scifi hubby he was right. 


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