Is this the worst thing I’ve caught Scifi hubby doing?

I’m not sure if this is the worst thing I’ve caught Scifi hubby doing but it is certainly high up the list. His new ‘hobby’ is catching the local snails and transforming them into ‘batsnails’… The poor things are caught (although it’s not exactly an Olympic sport to catch a snail), placed on the lid of a jam jar, brought inside and then the transmogrification begins…

First up is tipex – “so you have a base for colour don’t you know”. He’d done this before I caught him so no photo, however I managed to document the next stages. It’s a bit like being a documentary photographer – you can take pictures but don’t interfere otherwise you risk the wrath of the locals.

The next stage is to add the colour:



And then the details:


Finally the poor snail is allowed to escape – although he has to leave his dignity behind.


I’m just waiting for one of the neighbours to find a batsnail in their garden and scream…

Midnight openings are special, don’t let one nutter ruin them

As you can imagine the gun massacre at the midnight opening of the new Batman movie and ongoing bomb disposal story is high on the list of conversations in our house at the moment. It’s a horrific crime and also brings out the worst in anti-scifi/comic commentators which, of course, drives Scifi hubby up the wall. Millions of people read comic books, watch comic book based movies, read scifi, play video games, like rock music etc yet for some reason that whole genre seems to always get the blame when something like this occurs. I know this guy went mad at a Batman movie but if you’re crazy you’re crazy – the movie is just an excuse.

Scifi hubby isn’t a huge fan of the recent Batman movies (actually that’s quite an understatement and a story for another time) so we decided not to go to an early screening but I happened to be up very early yesterday and was listening to the radio as I got ready to go to work. The DJ got a call from someone on their way to see the 5am (UK time) screening of The Dark Knight Rises (so before anything had happened in the US). He started out teasing them and saying he didn’t know that cinemas opened at that hour until he was flooded with calls and texts from people saying they were also on their way to see it. To hear the news from the US just an hour or so later was really sad.

It does remind me of the times we’ve been to midnight movie openings (or early morning openings given the US/UK time zones). We’ve seen Star Wars Episode One (I know, I know, but it was a preview showing so no one knew it was going to be so awful), Batman Begins and various others. I know it’s very nerdy to be the first to see it, as friends have frequently pointed out, but there’s something quite special about these screenings. There’s something quite naughty about going to a movie at that time. Its a bit like staying up late as a kid or reading your book under the covers with a torch. The atmosphere is great. Fans dress up, people scream and clap and there’s often an ‘exclusive’ movie poster or comic to collect. It’s no great surprise that the first reaction of the movie goers in Aurora was to assume it was all part of the event. I just hope this random act of a madman doesn’t spoil midnight openings forever.

I think the thoughts of every comic book fan (or wife therefore) are with the injured, families and friends (picture pinched from Little League).


What would you do with £70 million?

The lottery jackpot on Tuesday is huge and it’s got Scifi hubby thinking. He’s now spent the last three hours looking at everything he would buy.

So far Scifi hubby’s dreams include:

    VIP tickets to every US comic convention he ever wants to go to.
    Original art by lots of different people.
    Riding through every state of the US on a motorbike.
    Building our own house:

      The most important feature is that it would have a Batcave underneath, this would be a replica of the 1960s TV series set complete with the Batmobile on a rotating stand in the centre.
      A garage full of motorbikes.
      He’s been looking at life size characters to fill the cave up with from Batman to a Gamorean guard, Yoda, the Grinch…
      Any manhole covers on the ‘estate’ would need to be Gotham City themed.
      Stained glass windows of scifi characters.
      Huge TVs in every room.
      Life sized C3PO and R2D2 at the front door.

    A life sized dinosaur in the garden – we’re currently arguing over whether this has to be a herbivore (my choice) or if he can have a T-Rex.

I drew the line at a bed shaped like the Millennium Falcon and he’s kindly said he’ll let me design the kitchen…

I suppose I’d better buy a ticket.

Somebody save me…

From San Diego comic con! We’re not there. We didn’t get tickets (and boy did scifi hubby try). But maybe it’s for the best, I’m not sure the credit card could stand it.

The stalls are just starting to set up and fans have started to travel and post Facebook statuses about their journeys. Scifi hubby is sat with the computer drooling over every hint of something new. Flickr, Facebook, twitter, YouTube no where is safe. Who will turn up? Which new statues will be launched? Will So and so bring and such and such new toy (sorry I do of course mean collectible)? Will the fat Batman turn up? How many Princess Leias will there be…?

It’s like having a child on Christmas eve – but one where he’s not actually getting any presents. Or maybe a fat kid looking at my chocolate bar – not a hope in hell kid…

God help me by the time the show actually starts!

Coming soon: Scifi Nephew

My sister in law is due to have her first baby soon and our first nephew. We’ve got two nieces from the other sister in law but this is the first baby boy in the family. Predictably Scifi hubby has been looking for scifi themed baby stuff.

There is some really cute stuff out there but the crotched baby batman cocoon and cowl has to be my favourite…



Although ‘Superbaby’ is quite cute too


And I could be tempted by the cuddly Batman


Unfortunately I can only imagine by brother’s reaction to receiving anything like this. So whilst I love them I think I’ll keep the credit card in my bag this time and go and find a nice, normal, fluffy bunny.