Is this the worst thing I’ve caught Scifi hubby doing?

I’m not sure if this is the worst thing I’ve caught Scifi hubby doing but it is certainly high up the list. His new ‘hobby’ is catching the local snails and transforming them into ‘batsnails’… The poor things are caught (although it’s not exactly an Olympic sport to catch a snail), placed on the lid of a jam jar, brought inside and then the transmogrification begins…

First up is tipex – “so you have a base for colour don’t you know”. He’d done this before I caught him so no photo, however I managed to document the next stages. It’s a bit like being a documentary photographer – you can take pictures but don’t interfere otherwise you risk the wrath of the locals.

The next stage is to add the colour:



And then the details:


Finally the poor snail is allowed to escape – although he has to leave his dignity behind.


I’m just waiting for one of the neighbours to find a batsnail in their garden and scream…

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