Frequently asked questions – can I bluetac the babies head?!

*I’m discovering that Scifi baby does not understand the concept of blogging and certainly would rather mum played with him than tapped away on her iPad… I’ll blog when I can but apologies now for the gaps!*

One of the questions I seem to hear, and ask, a lot at the moment is ‘is it normal for a baby to…?’. The question can be on anything from sleeping or eating to making noises like a dinosaur – a very happy, high pitched dinosaur. In true scifi fashion I can add a few Q&As to the list:

What is the normal age to visit a comic shop for the first time?
I’m not sure if it’s normal but Scifi baby visited his first at six weeks and has been to four now. He even played in the stock room, had his nappy changed and had his lunch in one of them.

How do you take a passport photo of a baby?
Now this is a common question on patenting forums but I don’t think Scifi hubby’s answer is quite so normal. At just two days old he suggested bluetacking the baby’s head to the floor in a conversation very reminiscent of Bill Murray in Scrooged. I don’t think he was serious… (Scifi Grandad took the photos for us in the end with no bluetac or staples involved I promise!)

At what age should you first watch Star Wars and which movie should you start with?
The second part of this question is a no-brainer for me – it’s got to be episode four. In fact I might pretend episodes 1-3 don’t exist. Ignoring the precocious parenting ‘advice’ about TV/screen time for babies completely Scifi baby watched ‘A New Hope’ at just three days old whilst still in hospital.

How many superhero outfits should a baby have?
Erm… Do other baby clothes exist? I thought babygros only came as Batman, Superman or Spiderman. Oh and Tigger so we get to laugh at our darling baby with ears and a tail.

What age should a child first watch Aliens?
Ok so he’s not really seen the movie, even Scifi hubby draws a line somewhere. But he has visited the HR Giger museum in Gruyeres already and compared notes with the bullet babies.

I’m sure I’ll find more in the next few weeks. I’m now back at work and Scifi hubby has become full time stay at home dad which has huge potential for some interesting scifi nonsense. I’ve already caught him watching Pepper Pig and Thomas the Tank Engine. Sadly Scifi baby isn’t that interested in the Batman cartoons just yet…