“At least it is not a model railway”

I’m getting behind with my Scifi wife updates. I’m blaming Scifi hubby for doing too many crazy things too often – oh, maybe changing jobs and moving house is a factor too! There’s now so many potential posts that I’m not quite sure where to start but I guess the main story at the moment though has got to be moving house.

I’ve got a new job (woohoo congratulations me!) so we are moving a couple of hours away from where we are now. As you can imagine moving house with Scifi hubby is not the easiest of experiences and his stress levels are through the roof. Last time we moved it was an international move and all our stuff went into storage for three months. I had recurring visions of all his toys coming alive ‘Toy Story’ style whilst in the storage depot and running amok through all the packing cases. No wonder we weren’t allowed to pack any liquids and especially alcohol as we would have had some very drunk Batmen…

20130424-174151.jpgThis is a scene they cut from the movie apparently 🙂

We still need to find a house but this time it should be a simple drive down the road – I hope! However the collection has grown somewhat since we last moved. I spent most of Sunday sat on a Yoda cushion with the laptop helping him write a list of EVERYTHING in his room and how much it would cost to replace. We only got about half way through before I got a completely numb bum, lost the will to live and ran screaming from the room (after hitting ‘save’ a few times to make sure I didn’t have to repeat it). Happily for me the weather forecast this weekend is bad so I can sit in there again and finish the inventory, aren’t I lucky?

We have also had the first of the removal companies come round to quote for the move. They have been warned there is a Batman collection to deal with but they clearly have no idea what this entails. The very nice German chap this week looked around the living room, saw a few Batman paintings and one glass cabinet with four Batman statues and I think he thought that was it. He started to write them all down individually and ask about value. I suggested that maybe he should think about volume and wait for the inventory for the value. I’m not sure he understood until he walked into Scifi hubby’s room. I wish I had taken a photo of his face. He almost tripped over Kermit the Frog, jumped when he saw the full size Joker mannequin and you could see the panic in his eyes for a moment. What I loved the most was that he simply took a deep breath and calmly said “well it could be worse – at least it is not a model railway”! Apparently that’s very common in Germany. Maybe I should be grateful?

We now have the prospect of the actual packing to look forward to. Not to mention people coming to look at the apartment to see if they want to rent it once we leave – strangers in Scifi hubby’s room EEEK. Then there’s the unpacking. At this point I’m sticking my fingers in my ears and singing “lalalala” like my friend’s 3 year old twins when they don’t want to do something. We also have some very unfortunate/lucky friends who had booked to come and visit us before we knew we were moving. They will now be here in the midst of unpacking. Luckily he is a scifi fan so I’m thinking that the girls can go shopping and the boys can unwrap Batman toys 🙂

Meanwhile I’m finishing up at my current job, sorting the paperwork for my new job, trying to find a new house, dealing with relocation agencies and removal companies, trying to sort our current rental property out (all of which is in German), inventorying the rest of the apartment, ensuring the cat is up to date with her jabs so we don’t have to find a (probably French speaking) vet the second we move, working out how to de-register from the local authority area, redirect the post etc etc. AND I seem to have mistakenly wandered into spreadsheet hell.

I’ll add more of the recent Scifi hubby tales soon – some are quite high up on the Scifi hubby scale of craziness; for example, why exactly do I currently have a Wampa in my fridge? And will he have eaten Luke when I next open the door

Someone’s been playing with my T-Rex…

My desk dinos always invoke comments from colleagues and visitors when they come to my office and see nine plastic dinosaurs around the place. My Director even squeezes them to make them roar occasionally. However, the latest addition seems to have found someone who likes playing with him secretly. Tommy the giant T-Rex was a valentine’s gift from Scifi hubby (see blog here) and he’s living in the plant pot in the corner of my office. For some reason of Scifi hubby logic Batman is riding Tommy.

I was sat at my desk on Wednesday when the maintenance guys came round to water the plant and pull any dead leaves off it. They saw Tommy and laughed to each other in German. I think they were saying he was sweet but it could have been that this is the crazy lady’s office – my German still isn’t great. They sorted the plant around him, carefully watered it from the other side so Tommy didn’t get wet feet and went on to the next office.

I came into the office yesterday to find Batman hanging upside down by his ankle under Tommy. I assumed he had fallen off, took a photo thinking it was quite funny and ignored him.

20130412-171458.jpgThis afternoon I’ve come back to my desk after a meeting to discover Tommy eating Batman!

20130412-171533.jpgNobody is owning up to playing with them but SOMEONE IS PLAYING WITH MY T-REX! Maybe I can claim T-Rex harassment?!

Is it a dinosaur? Is it Hulk hands? No it’s a baptism present…

What do normal people buy for their nephew’s baptism? Scifi nephew is being baptised in a couple of weeks time so we recently started to look for a gift. I wanted to get something he can keep but that isn’t the predictable silver photo frame or baby book.

We were walking past the Disney store so Scifi hubby suggested having a look. Thinking we might find a china Kermit or Mickey Mouse I agreed. Cue a typical Scifi hubby moment as he picked up child sized Hulk hands and looked at me suggestively. Since then he’s suggested Tonka trucks, plastic dinosaurs, a Batman costume, and ‘my first Swiss army knife’.

I’m still not quite sure if he was being funny or if he actually thought that our 8 month old nephew would like/appreciate/be allowed any of them. Either way I’m pretty sure Scifi nephew’s mother and father wouldn’t be very amused!