Is it a dinosaur? Is it Hulk hands? No it’s a baptism present…

What do normal people buy for their nephew’s baptism? Scifi nephew is being baptised in a couple of weeks time so we recently started to look for a gift. I wanted to get something he can keep but that isn’t the predictable silver photo frame or baby book.

We were walking past the Disney store so Scifi hubby suggested having a look. Thinking we might find a china Kermit or Mickey Mouse I agreed. Cue a typical Scifi hubby moment as he picked up child sized Hulk hands and looked at me suggestively. Since then he’s suggested Tonka trucks, plastic dinosaurs, a Batman costume, and ‘my first Swiss army knife’.

I’m still not quite sure if he was being funny or if he actually thought that our 8 month old nephew would like/appreciate/be allowed any of them. Either way I’m pretty sure Scifi nephew’s mother and father wouldn’t be very amused!


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