Batman’s here to save us all from Mr Freeze…

Deep winter freeze that is. If you’ve got 50cms of snow and a Batman fan in the house what else do you get but a snow-Batman.

I was fine with this, except for some funny looks from our neighbours, until Scifi hubby came back inside, sighed and said “it’s just a shame he’s only white”. Stupid me then remembered a Pinterest post I saw about painting snow with food colouring. So Scifi hubby flew round the kitchen and ran off with the food colouring and my pastry brush. The end result is open laughter from the neighbours who are now clearly justified in thinking we are weird!


Why was Star Wars not on TV over Christmas?!

Oops! So I only got to day 19 of the advent calendar before my parents arrived for Christmas then it was Scifi baby’s first birthday and finally some friends came to visit for New Years. Crazy but fun ten days and not a lot of time for blogging.

Most of Christmas revolved around baby’s first Christmas but I think I actually managed to find Scifi hubby some cool Christmas presents that were scifi related but he hadn’t seen before. Weirdly I think Batman duct tape was his favourite gift…

New Years always makes everyone look back over the year and as Scifi baby was only a few days old this time last year a lot has happened in the last 12 months. I spent last New Years Eve watching ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ in hospital with Scifi baby and chatting to Scifi hubby on Skype. We saw New Year in virtually and Scifi baby slept through it all. We brought Scifi baby home on New Year’s Day. This year I enjoyed a glass (or two) of champagne with Scifi hubby and friends whilst Scifi baby slept through it all upstairs – only waking to scream the house down at precisely midnight!

The year has flown by. We’ve had comic con, a ‘Bat’ism, been burgled and met Kevin Smith. I’ve used my sewing machine more than every before making Scifi baby blankets, Batman cot bedding, Batman tshirts for Scifi hubby, a Superman bean bag and Scifi mum has made Hulk trousers too. Scifi hubby has gained lots statues and even more books, toys and comics. I’ve also worked like crazy, flow over 55,000 miles and been away from home for 40 nights.

2015 looks even busier. We’re already planning the first comic con attendance of the year. We have a geek friend and his much more sane wife visiting in a few weeks. Scifi hubby is counting down to July when Batman Arkham Knight gets released and Scifi baby and I will be going away so he can play in peace. There’s books and statues on preorder and, I’m sure, a whole pile of things I’ve not planned for….

Happy New Year everyone!


Scifi advent calendar day 19

I travel a lot for work and Scifi hubby often puts ‘his order’ in before I go. Especially when I go to the USA I usually end up hunting for a comic shop or having things delivered to my hotel to bring home. It’s very hard to surprise him but every so often I manage it.

When I visited the U.S. in September I needed to get a taxi to the shops and as I explained to the hotel concierge why I needed to go to a comic shop he very excitedly pulled out that day’s newspaper. The front page had a story about new Batman stamps coming out. Unfortunately it turned out that they can out the week after I came home.

So when I found myself in San Francisco two weeks ago I added hunting for a post office to my shopping list. Finally I managed to surprise Scifi Hubby. And he doesn’t know what else I got him for Christmas yet… ๐Ÿ˜„


Scifi advent calendar day 17

Unbelievably a town nearby has a Scifi museum. Even crazier, we still haven’t visited! However they have had a superhero comics exhibition on all year. As a result every roundabout in town has had a different superhero symbol on it. There was even a life sized Hulk and a Batmobile in the town centre. I couldn’t drive to the shops without seeing Batman…/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/d39/34461521/files/2014/12/img_0739.jpg

Scifi advent calendar day 13: Never give me an ultimatum

We’ve had a long running argument about whether to have Scifi baby baptised. Scifi hubby wasn’t convinced but not only do I believe in ‘that stuff’ but my mother is actually a vicar so quite logically she was very keen to baptise her Grandson. Having ‘discussed’ the issue for most of my pregnancy Scifi hubby eventually uttered the words “you can have him baptised if he can be dressed as Batman”. He obviously thought that would be the final word on the matter and that there was NO WAY I would let that happen.

So you should have seen his face when Mum and I both said an instant “ok then” and started making plans. In the end we had a totally Batman themed baptism, or as someone pointed out we had a ‘Bat’ism. We found a cute Batman onesie for Scifi baby including a cape and invited everyone to dress up or wear comic book t-shirts. Scifi hubby had a Robin t-shirt (apparently Scifi baby is in charge) and I had a Wonderwoman one. All the kids who came had superhero outfits and a lot of the adults joined in too. Mum even let us have the Batman theme song and the Star Wars Cantina bar music played in church!

Nananananananana nananananananana nananananananana Batman!

Our family and friends were very creative with presents too. Amongst lots of really lovely ‘normal’ gifts Scifi baby recieved:
The bible – as a comic book – narrated by Bibleman (well done Mum)
Superman plate set
Superman hoodie
Batbear – a Batman teddy bear
A Spiderman plastic sword
Wooden blocks that spelt his name with the Avengers on them
His first proper graphic novel – a hardback copy of ‘Batman A Killing Joke’ from his Godfather. One to save for when he’s older I think. He’ll only eat it if he gets bold of it now.

If this boy doesn’t like Batman as he gets older were in trouble…


Scifi advent calendar: day 7. Where’s Batman when you need him?

We got home from holiday recently at 6am and I started taking things in from the car whilst Scifi hubby sorted Scifi baby out in the car/driveway. As I walked into the kitchen I nearly tripped over the lasagna dish on the kitchen floor so shouted at Scifi hubby for leaving it in such a strange place. As he came in the house I was about to tell him off for leaving the sideboard drawers open too when we suddenly realised that we’d been burgled. Once Scifi hubby stopped roaming around the house with his baseball bat like a character from Shaun of the Dead checking for burglars hiding in the wardrobes I called the police and we started to make a list of what was missing.

The burglar had come in by breaking our cellar window and had left the same way so, luckily, hadn’t taken anything big. No electronics, no laptop and amazingly nothing from Scifi hubby’s collection was touched. ‘Just’ my jewelry and what little cash we had in the house. As always with burglaries it’s the sentimental losses that hurt most and the sense of someone having rummaged through everything in the house. They had even been through Scifi baby’s room.

The police came quickly, took fingerprints and looked round. You could see them smile as they opened Scifi hubby’s office door and they weren’t surprised that the burglars hadn’t wanted a lot of Batman stuff. Maybe if it had been TinTin…

It was only when we went to bed that night that we wondered where our duvet was. In fact two king sized duvets, as the spare one we keep at the end of the bed (in case of Scifi baby accidents) was missing too. We can only assume the burglars took them! Worse, we then realised that both duvets had specially made duvet covers on them with – you guessed it – Batman! No one can work out why the burglars took them and the insurance company didn’t seem to find it very funny. But I can’t get the image out of my head that somewhere there are some burglars snuggled up under the world’s greatest detective!

A special delivery

I know there’s been a gap in my blog posts but I’ve had my hands full with a special delivery that arrived just after Christmas. No, not the huge Sideshow Collectibles Batman statue (although Scifi hubby is almost as excited about that) but the arrival of Scifi baby.

20140128-193714.jpgWhich parcel was Scifi hubby more excited about I wonder?! Scifi baby (top – yes that really is Scifi baby in the box) or Sideshow Collectibles PF Batman statue (bottom) – in case you can’t tell them apart.

I know you all want cute baby photos and I’ve ruined it by putting Hulk’s head on Scifi baby but like all photos on this blog he is staying in disguise ๐Ÿ™‚ We have had a long debate over which character he should be and finally decided that Hulk was the most appropriate. Hopefully he will be as intelligent as Dr Bruce Banner and he is certainly calm and lovely most of the time. However when he “goes Gremlin” it is like watching Dr Banner transform into the Hulk and go raging. Even Betty Ross would struggle to calm him.

Of course all the usual baby platitudes apply: he’s gorgeous, mother and baby are both doing well etc etc. However as a Scifi baby there are a whole other set of references that are being rolled out. Most babies look like Winston Churchill – Scifi baby looks like Yoda. Most babies cry/scream – Scifi baby “goes gremlin” but still needs feeding after midnight. Most parents pretend to eat their baby’s fingers and toes – Jaws is involved in the Scifi household. Most babies have a cute blanket in their car seat – Scifi baby has a Batman cowl/cape blanket. Most babies have pastel bedrooms and bedding – Scifi baby has Batman bedding in his cot and Avengers in his Moses basket. Most babies like nursery rhymes and soft classical music – Scifi baby goes quiet to the opening score of Star Wars A New Hope.

I’m hoping ‘normal service’ on the blog will resume now as I manage to type while he sleeps and you can be sure that the usual scifi craziness hasn’t stopped just because of a baby in the house…