Scifi advent calendar: day 7. Where’s Batman when you need him?

We got home from holiday recently at 6am and I started taking things in from the car whilst Scifi hubby sorted Scifi baby out in the car/driveway. As I walked into the kitchen I nearly tripped over the lasagna dish on the kitchen floor so shouted at Scifi hubby for leaving it in such a strange place. As he came in the house I was about to tell him off for leaving the sideboard drawers open too when we suddenly realised that we’d been burgled. Once Scifi hubby stopped roaming around the house with his baseball bat like a character from Shaun of the Dead checking for burglars hiding in the wardrobes I called the police and we started to make a list of what was missing.

The burglar had come in by breaking our cellar window and had left the same way so, luckily, hadn’t taken anything big. No electronics, no laptop and amazingly nothing from Scifi hubby’s collection was touched. ‘Just’ my jewelry and what little cash we had in the house. As always with burglaries it’s the sentimental losses that hurt most and the sense of someone having rummaged through everything in the house. They had even been through Scifi baby’s room.

The police came quickly, took fingerprints and looked round. You could see them smile as they opened Scifi hubby’s office door and they weren’t surprised that the burglars hadn’t wanted a lot of Batman stuff. Maybe if it had been TinTin…

It was only when we went to bed that night that we wondered where our duvet was. In fact two king sized duvets, as the spare one we keep at the end of the bed (in case of Scifi baby accidents) was missing too. We can only assume the burglars took them! Worse, we then realised that both duvets had specially made duvet covers on them with – you guessed it – Batman! No one can work out why the burglars took them and the insurance company didn’t seem to find it very funny. But I can’t get the image out of my head that somewhere there are some burglars snuggled up under the world’s greatest detective!

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