These are not the toys you’re looking for. Move along…


Excitement about the new Star Wars movie has been escalating in the Scifi household. Scifi hubby has already been making plans to see the movie. Working out “what to do with the boy” so we can go to see it undisturbed. Tickets are already booked for Star Wars Celebration 2016 and plans are afoot to buy a Storm Trooper costume. So you can imagine the tornado of Star Wars madness that came with the announcement of ‘Force Friday’ a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately it’s been a roller coaster few weeks that’s ended in disappointment. 

It started as a low key Facebook Messenger post with a link to a ToysRUs press release. Then followed a rush to try and find out which stores would be open, making me phone round various stores to find out and huge fan boy excitement when I thought we might be able to go to one. Sadly I was wrong. We didn’t quite get tears but it was close. To be fair it’s not my fault that only five ToysRUs stores across the whole country were open at midnight but for a while I wasn’t sure if I would ever be forgiven for making him wait 9 hours more to get his toys.

Then the leaks started. First it was a list of all the toys that were coming. Excitement levels rocketed as both a huge version of the Millennium Falcon and black series 3.75inch figures (with “proper articulation”) were included. Then photos started to come out of the basic figures. Ranting ensued as it became clear that the quality is worse than the figures released with the movies in the 1970s. “Their helmets don’t come off, their knees don’t bend,  who wants them?  Hasbro can shove them in places only doctors can find them again…” The fact that they are kids toys seems to pass everyone by at this point.  We then had a long period of ‘will they, won’t they’ release the black series. Finally it became clear that they weren’t coming out for Force Friday and that the only Falcon coming was based on the original moulds. “It’s a 30 year old mould that’s just been spruced up. It’s like trying to polish a turd” was the rant around the house.

This is the point I should probably mentioned that none of these toys are apparently for Scifi hubby. It seems that our 20 month old son is so desperately in love with Star Wars that he needed ALL the new toys – but only if they were ‘right’. I don’t think he even recognizes Yoda yet.  

In the end Force Friday passed with a ten minute trip to ToysRUs and no money spent. 

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