You are fined one credit for a violation of the verbal morality statute

IMG_1798Why are there three seashells on a paper plate in the bathroom at the kids soft play centre? Not sure if it’s a cute movie reference or strange decor ideas.

I wonder if there are verbal morality machines hidden around the place to make sure we don’t swear in front of the kids…

Batman’s here to save us all from Mr Freeze…

Deep winter freeze that is. If you’ve got 50cms of snow and a Batman fan in the house what else do you get but a snow-Batman.

I was fine with this, except for some funny looks from our neighbours, until Scifi hubby came back inside, sighed and said “it’s just a shame he’s only white”. Stupid me then remembered a Pinterest post I saw about painting snow with food colouring. So Scifi hubby flew round the kitchen and ran off with the food colouring and my pastry brush. The end result is open laughter from the neighbours who are now clearly justified in thinking we are weird!