I am a long suffering wife of a scifi nerd. We’ve now been married for over twelve years but he waited until I said ‘I do’ before opening the six huge boxes he had hidden in the attic that were full of Star Wars toys. I’m still not sure why we have seven versions of Princess Leia – some in the same costume but with different coloured packaging – apparently that’s important…

Since then we seem to have accumulated so much scifi and movie stuff that it fills a whole room and spills out into the rest of the house. It amazes me how much scifi themed stuff it is possible to buy from chopsticks, bottle openers, cushions, garden gnomes to the more usual books, comics, graphic novels, statues and comic art.

I can now say I’ve met most of the cast of Star Wars, Superman, the Goonies etc etc and comic artists, creators and writers from Simon Bisley to Stan Lee and Frank Miller. Holidays seem to be mysteriously timed around comic conventions and we navigate by where ToysRUs stores are.

To add to the chaos we now have a Scifi baby. Although I think it is Scifi dad to blame for Scifi baby always being dressed as a superhero rather than any preference of the baby’s.

I hope you enjoy the stories, sympathise with my complaints and laugh along with me at the odd things we get up to. Just don’t call Scifi hubby a Trekie…





I just wanted to explain my avatar picture (left) – I love it but can’t claim credit for it as it comes from an artist called Mari Kasurinen who makes really cool versions of My Little Ponies.  Check them out here: www.marikasurinen.com

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