I’m leaving Scifi hubby… for a week

I’m travelling to the US for a few days for work so Scifi hubby is going to be home alone. I actually travel quite a lot but not usually quite so close to Christmas. This is a dangerous time of year to leave him alone as there are sales in all the shops and a string of emails advertising discounts at most of the online bookshops.

So the big question is will I get home to find:

    A. A spotlessly clean house, the cat brushed and purring on the sofa, dinner cooked and waiting for me and the Christmas presents all wrapped?
    B. A depression on the sofa from where he has spent the whole week, pizza boxes in the kitchen and a new high score in Call of Duty?
    C. The credit card maxed out, a huge pile of cardboard from parcels and a small army of new Batman toys (alright then “collectibles”) and books/comics?

20121206-072018.jpg Scifi hubby home alone?!

What’s worse than being a COD widow?

Answer: Being a COD audience. Scifi hubby has been playing COD for ten days now. He’s played through my parents visiting, he’s played through my birthday, he’s played whilst I’ve been at work, or asleep or cooking dinner. There’s a Scifi hubby shaped dip in the sofa.

Of course, I can’t talk to him whilst he plays as “You’ll get me killed”. It’s fairly true, I only have to walk in the room he seems to die. If I speak he dies repeatedly. So I tend to sit at the other end of the sofa, reading a good book and trying to ignore him as he swears at the TV. He’s quite hard to ignore…

I was joking with a friend this week that she is like her cat – likes affection, enjoys being stroked but is flighty, only likes people on her terms and is quick to get her claws out if cornered. Scifi hubby is cat like too but more like a mouser who keeps bringing dead, and not so dead, mice into the house and miaowing to get attention until you tell him what a clever boy he is and give him a cat treat. So I’m learning to ‘appreciate’ him getting the final kill in a game, how well he can shoot zombies, how ‘camping’ is effective and the importance of a kill streak. However, I’m still working out what to give him as his ‘cat treat’…

20121124-203619.jpg I do like this (slightly adapted) photo that’s doing the rounds on Facebook