I’m leaving Scifi hubby… for a week

I’m travelling to the US for a few days for work so Scifi hubby is going to be home alone. I actually travel quite a lot but not usually quite so close to Christmas. This is a dangerous time of year to leave him alone as there are sales in all the shops and a string of emails advertising discounts at most of the online bookshops.

So the big question is will I get home to find:

    A. A spotlessly clean house, the cat brushed and purring on the sofa, dinner cooked and waiting for me and the Christmas presents all wrapped?
    B. A depression on the sofa from where he has spent the whole week, pizza boxes in the kitchen and a new high score in Call of Duty?
    C. The credit card maxed out, a huge pile of cardboard from parcels and a small army of new Batman toys (alright then “collectibles”) and books/comics?

20121206-072018.jpg Scifi hubby home alone?!

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