Away in a (plastic Playmobil) manger

We’ve been putting the Christmas decorations up today and in the midst of it all I found the nativity scene. Christmas is a classic example of how toys are taking over our world – although I must say this is one time of year when I actually love it.

Many years ago, for our first Christmas together we bought a tree, decorations and an angel. To be honest the tree was so small I think it was still wishing to be a Christmas tree when it grew up and, like lots of things that we bought in our early days, the angel was far too big. Somewhere I’ve got photos of this tiny tree with a huge angel balancing on the top like one of those bobble head toys.

We’re not putting a tree up this year so the accumulated toys/decorations (the entire Muppet ensemble, Jack Skeleton, Shrek, Donkey, Batmobile on ribbon, glass Santa on a motorbike, aliens etc) will have to stay in their boxes for another year. There’s a blog post there for next year…

I also insisted that we bought a nativity scene that first Christmas. I was looking at graceful wooden ones like my parents had when Scifi hubby appeared with a plastic Playmobil set. Somehow I let myself be persuaded that this was a great idea so for the last 13 years out comes the Playmobil and cue the predictable jokes about the camel shagging the donkey.

I’m still amazed that Scifi hubby hasn’t corrupted it yet and had some fun like these people clearly have with their nativity scenes…

20121216-205957.jpg Our nativity scene

20121216-210042.jpgScifi hubby hasn’t considered adding a dinosaur – yet…

20121216-210115.jpgOr adding Batman and Star Trek toys…

20121216-210149.jpgOr a full Star Wars theme…

20121216-210221.jpgAnd ‘shhhh’ please don’t tell him about this – even I draw the line at a bacon and sausage nativity!

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