Scifi advent calendar day 19

I travel a lot for work and Scifi hubby often puts ‘his order’ in before I go. Especially when I go to the USA I usually end up hunting for a comic shop or having things delivered to my hotel to bring home. It’s very hard to surprise him but every so often I manage it.

When I visited the U.S. in September I needed to get a taxi to the shops and as I explained to the hotel concierge why I needed to go to a comic shop he very excitedly pulled out that day’s newspaper. The front page had a story about new Batman stamps coming out. Unfortunately it turned out that they can out the week after I came home.

So when I found myself in San Francisco two weeks ago I added hunting for a post office to my shopping list. Finally I managed to surprise Scifi Hubby. And he doesn’t know what else I got him for Christmas yet… 😄


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