Why was Star Wars not on TV over Christmas?!

Oops! So I only got to day 19 of the advent calendar before my parents arrived for Christmas then it was Scifi baby’s first birthday and finally some friends came to visit for New Years. Crazy but fun ten days and not a lot of time for blogging.

Most of Christmas revolved around baby’s first Christmas but I think I actually managed to find Scifi hubby some cool Christmas presents that were scifi related but he hadn’t seen before. Weirdly I think Batman duct tape was his favourite gift…

New Years always makes everyone look back over the year and as Scifi baby was only a few days old this time last year a lot has happened in the last 12 months. I spent last New Years Eve watching ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ in hospital with Scifi baby and chatting to Scifi hubby on Skype. We saw New Year in virtually and Scifi baby slept through it all. We brought Scifi baby home on New Year’s Day. This year I enjoyed a glass (or two) of champagne with Scifi hubby and friends whilst Scifi baby slept through it all upstairs – only waking to scream the house down at precisely midnight!

The year has flown by. We’ve had comic con, a ‘Bat’ism, been burgled and met Kevin Smith. I’ve used my sewing machine more than every before making Scifi baby blankets, Batman cot bedding, Batman tshirts for Scifi hubby, a Superman bean bag and Scifi mum has made Hulk trousers too. Scifi hubby has gained lots statues and even more books, toys and comics. I’ve also worked like crazy, flow over 55,000 miles and been away from home for 40 nights.

2015 looks even busier. We’re already planning the first comic con attendance of the year. We have a geek friend and his much more sane wife visiting in a few weeks. Scifi hubby is counting down to July when Batman Arkham Knight gets released and Scifi baby and I will be going away so he can play in peace. There’s books and statues on preorder and, I’m sure, a whole pile of things I’ve not planned for….

Happy New Year everyone!


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