F@&* you thunder

Our TV is sometimes a rolling cartoon programme as Scifi hubby appears to live on a diet of Family Guy, Cleveland Brown, American Dad, South Park, Simpsons, Futurama etc etc. So the thought of a movie made by the creator of a few of those didn’t exactly fill me with joy. Until, that is, I saw the trailer.

Scifi hubby has seen Ted twice this week whilst I’ve been at work and has been raving about it so I made him take me to see it at the cinema today. I’m really glad I did. It’s laugh out loud funny. The movie is funny anyway and then there’s lots of scifi ‘in’ jokes – and this is the bit that worries me slightly…

Does that fact that scifi hubby and I were the only two laughing at times mean that I now know too much about scifi or just that the rest of the cinema goers had lost their funny bones? I was rolling around laughing when Lori calls John’s phone and it’s the March of the Empire music – and she doesn’t get it! Maybe it’s not that funny, maybe people didn’t get the joke, or maybe the fact that Scifi hubby had that exact ring tone assigned to my number for several years just gives me a different perspective.

The star of the show came for dinner afterwards

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