Somebody save me…

From San Diego comic con! We’re not there. We didn’t get tickets (and boy did scifi hubby try). But maybe it’s for the best, I’m not sure the credit card could stand it.

The stalls are just starting to set up and fans have started to travel and post Facebook statuses about their journeys. Scifi hubby is sat with the computer drooling over every hint of something new. Flickr, Facebook, twitter, YouTube no where is safe. Who will turn up? Which new statues will be launched? Will So and so bring and such and such new toy (sorry I do of course mean collectible)? Will the fat Batman turn up? How many Princess Leias will there be…?

It’s like having a child on Christmas eve – but one where he’s not actually getting any presents. Or maybe a fat kid looking at my chocolate bar – not a hope in hell kid…

God help me by the time the show actually starts!

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