What would you save in a house fire?

It started as a joke about the picture below – a very true image I must say – and progressed very quickly to a debate about what Scifi hubby would save if the house was on fire. His answer was not me, or the cat (not really a surprise about the cat) but his collection. Or to be more precise a £5 plastic Hulk figure that roars when you pull his arms.

I started out quite insulted that he’d choose the collection over me but at my thunderous look he quickly stammered that he was assuming I was already safe. Hmmmm! But let’s think this through a little more…

He has a whole room of toys to choose from. Shelves and shelves of comics, graphic novels, special oversized compendia, a row of glass cabinets filled with numerous black and white statues, busts, original Star Wars figures, space ships hanging from the ceiling on clear string, half a dozen Batman cowls, two mannequins dressed as Batman and Joker, original art from artists such as Simon Bisley, David Hitchcock, Adi Granov and Clint Langley not to mention the hundreds of signatures from celebrities including Stan Lee. Yet he chooses a £5 Hulk that I bought for him, before we were married, when we were very skint. So skint in fact that I’d said he couldn’t have it as we had to buy food. But I waited until payday and went out of my way to go back and buy it for him.

It’s quite sweet really. At least while I’m burning to death I can be sure he’s thinking of me.


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