A letter to the Beeb

Dear BBC,

Please can you stop winding my husband up. He has spent all day looking forward to Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark on BBC One at 18.30. I understand that coverage of Tennis at Wimbledon is at least mildly interesting. I know that some people really care whether Roddick beats Ferrer. But he really wanted to see Indiana Jones (for the 200th time).

Our whole day has revolved around being in front of the TV at 18.30 only to find the tennis ongoing. Indiana Jones is such an obvious ‘sport finished early’ movie that if I had known the tennis was on I would have known to manage his expectations but to be honest I hadn’t quite noticed that Wimbledon had actually started.

Perhaps you could list such movies more clearly in future. Something like “Indiana Jones – ‘cos its cheap to show but only if the sport finishes early”. Something to think about during the Olympics perhaps?

Yours sincerely
Scifi wife

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