Do dinosaurs belong on ski slopes?

Dinosaurs have their place. They are interesting on the ‘wildlife’ tv programmes, fun in movies, make cute toys for kids and perhaps even belong in my office. I’m less sure that they should be on the ski/sledging slopes. All that crashing around and roaring could start an avalanche surely?

Scifi best friend is currently visiting so we went sledging in the mountains yesterday. She brought with her three t-shirts that Scifi hubby ordered – one for each of us. They are bright green and say ‘Ask me about my T-Rex’ on the front. When said question is asked you pull the bottom of the t-shirt over your head and roar like a T-Rex as the shirts have a T-Rex printed on the inside.

Predictably this resulted in lots of dino antics on the slopes. Luckily no avalanche but one crash with a skier (not dino related and not serious), several encounters with snow drifts (dino ‘racing’ apparently) and lots of aching muscles and bruises for Scifi hubby and Scifi BF this morning. I’m fine but then I didn’t try to beat the mountain in quite the same way they did. The mountain won.

Showing the t-shirts to my parents on FaceTime last night they both looked puzzled until Dad finally said ‘They mean T-Rex not T. Rex’. A little more explanation and the generation gap became clear – he was thinking of the Marc Bolan 1960s band and couldn’t work out why we were all roaring!

20130217-082109.jpgScifi hubby and Scifi BF roaring like loonies on the slopes

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