Romance Scifi style

Valentines day with Scifi hubby is always an interesting experience. He’s a romantic a heart but tends to express it in peculiar scifi ways.

This year it’s dinosaurs. The valentines card was a work of scifi perfection…



He met me at work this afternoon and brought three ‘friends’ with him as a gift. A spinosaurus, a brachysaurus and Batman riding a 22 inch T-rex – with sounds. Apparently they need to sit on my desk at work in order to be happy dinos. I left him in reception and took my dinos back to my desk and my boss helped me find somewhere to put them. Luckily she’s very understanding and finds scifi hubby an amusing subject. I’m not actually sure if this is a good thing 🙂

The dinos with their friends – yes I already had five dinosaurs. He’s been smuggling them into my handbag for years (the Care Bear is a whole other story!).

The T-Rex won’t fit so he’s currently stalking my neighbour over the office wall.

At least this year I joined in too and visited the comic shop to buy his present.