Wedding with scifi nerds

One of my oldest friends got married yesterday so we had a great day celebrating with the new Mr and Mrs. It was a beautiful wedding, the bride looked gorgeous in her white dress, the church was pretty with flowers, the reception was fab, the food good and the wine kept flowing – luckily…

I say luckily as we were sat on the table of ‘odd’ friends who they didn’t know where else to seat. No one knew each other but, with the help of a little alcohol, conversation was soon flowing freely. How appropriate then that we ended up with a movie geek couple, a hard rock music geek couple and a comic book geek couple – although when I say ‘couple’ I do of course mean the husbands and long suffering wifes.

You can imagine the conversation ranged over favourite movies, best gigs and festivals, DC v Marvel and was peppered with in jokes or quotes from Star trek. If I hear ‘Excelsior’ one more time I may scream. The women just rolled our eyeballs and drank some more. I do love champagne…

At least the wedding wasn’t like this one!


By Scifiwife

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