Scifi road trip

Why did I let myself get talked into this…? Somehow we seem to have accumulated scifi ‘stuff’ in the attic of my parents house. Not his parents house you notice but mine. Four huge packing cases of Batman toys (sorry, obviously I mean ‘collectibles’), lead figures of DC characters, an Iron Man mask, a Tonka truck (an original metal one of course), the odd Star Wars figure, just a few hotwheels cars some of which are Batmobiles, oh and not to mention hundreds of comics. All of which need to make it back to our house 1500 km away.

I started by hiring a car. Collecting it I discovered it was a Golf and not the large estate car I had ordered. 50km down the road the oil light came on – and flashed at me for the next 2950 kms…. Somehow we made it to my parents and proceeded to empty the attic.

Getting everything out of the attic was amazingly easy, partly because a wonderful friend gave us a hand. Batman can be a heavy fat bugger at times.

The helpful friend showing off her super powers

Then we had to load the car – in the rain. As I’m sure you know “the packaging is worth more than the product” so getting Batman boxes out of packing cases in order to fit them in the back of the car in the rain was a traumatic experience for Scifi hubby. After much packing and repackaging we got everything in so it wasn’t squashed but wouldn’t move around – its not even worth risking denting the corner of a box so bubble wrap and spare clothes were stuffed in every gap. Lucky we don’t have kids as there was only just space for the two of us in the car. It reminded me of one of those ‘guess how many sweets are in the jar’ competitions – ‘guess how many Batmen you can fit in a Golf’.

Heading home ‘someone’ decided we NEEDED to stop at Toysrus just in case they had anything he had to have. 30 minutes later we somehow have to get three more Iron Man toys, six more Hotwheels, foam Hulk hands, a Captain America mask and life size collectors editions Jessie and Bullseye from Toy Story into an already packed car.

Nine hours later through pouring rain we arrived home only to have to repeat the process by emptying the car whilst trying to keep everything dry.

Should I add at this point that Scifi hubby doesn’t drive.

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