Strange noises from the cellar

I’ve spent this morning pottering about the house and doing the final sewing for the nursery. I lost Scifi hubby a couple of hours ago but just assumed he was in his Batcave. I realised just now that there are some very strange noises coming from behind the cellar door. I opened the door to find Scifi hubby lying on the top of the cellar steps in his Hulk pyjamas with my iPad.

Apparently he is playing the new Space Hulk app which is ‘amazing’, ‘brilliant’, ‘like being 13 again’. It is also very dark and needs wifi. Hence the cellar steps – dark enough to play but not too far from the wifi! I knew he used to play Warhammer 40,000 when he was a teenager but I thought he’d left this element of extreme geekery behind. Seemingly not. I think I’ll be lucky not to have the house invaded by little lead figures.

Seemed a suitable day to wear my new tshirt…


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