I feel a disturbance in the force #StarWars

As I’m sure the whole world knows by know George Lucas has just sold Lucasfilm to Disney for $4billion (official press release here). Scifi hubby spotted it on Facebook earlier and laughed thinking it was a joke. Then more people posted it so he checked if it was 1st April and he hadn’t realised. Then the news started to break across the web and Twitter went crazy. Finally the official press release was released and then film of Lucas himself talking about it. THEN came the announcement that Disney are going to release ‘Star Wars 7’ in 2015.

Meanwhile I was on FaceTime to my Dad discussing a family christening, plans for Christmas, how he’s lost loads of weight (well done Dad!), the dogs he’s been taking photos of and other mundane family stuff. Scifi hubby starts to spin slowly in the corner with the laptop. I ignore him for a while but eventually he reaches a critical mass at which point I have to intervene or risk a black hole forming in the living room.

It reminds me a lot of when Episode One came out all those years ago. Back then we were newly engaged and I had to own up that I had never seen Star Wars. I know, I know – shock horror, but some of us read books instead whilst growing up. In fact my lack of movie knowledge and viewing could be a whole other post. Scifi hubby fixed that fairly swiftly and luckily I quite liked the movie. It will never be my moral compass but its entertaining enough.

In 1999 Scifi hubby was torn between being very excited and hoping for brilliant new films and really feeling they shouldn’t do it. The build up to Episode One was immense with new toys, midnight openings at toy shops to buy the first wave of figures before the film came out (yes we queued outside ToysrUs for four hours to meet Darth Vader and buy plastic toys), the teaser posters, images of Tatooine etc etc. And then the movie came out.

20121030-230720.jpg We happened to be on holiday at the time but managed to get tickets to a preview screening. It was the first time I’d ever been to a cinema with people in fancy dress and lightsabres who screamed and clapped all the way though. I’m still not sure what they were clapping at – screaming I can understand. Running from the cinema crying I could understand. But I never understood the clapping…

Scifi hubby was SO disappointed and swore he wouldn’t watch the second film. In fact we didn’t go to see Attack of the Clones for about two weeks after it came out. I’m being banned from telling you that story (maybe one day) but suffice to say he actually loved that one.

So it feels like we are all back on the Star Wars merry-go-round again. This time Disney get to make everyone excited, dash their hopes, destroy their dreams and then quietly surprise them into liking it after all (I hope).

Scifi hubby’s final quote of the day “I’m cautious but optimistic… I just don’t want to be hurt again”. Who said Star Wars wasn’t a love affair?


The collection grows again

Scifi and hubby and I have been together for over 14 years. In that time we’ve gone from skint students to skint newly-weds to to skint first time homeowners to, finally, having a little money to have some fun. Interestingly the amount of money we’ve had at any given time has been clear in what scifi hubby has added to his collection.

Years 1 – 5
Normal 3 1/4″ Star wars figures
A local comic con with the odd bit part person from Star Wars (Greedo)

Years 6 -9
All of the above plus:
Graphic novels
12″ figures
More Batman stuff and less Star Wars
Travelling further for comic cons around the country

Years 10 – 11
All of the above plus:
Hardback omnibus special edition books
New York Comic Con
Batman Black and White Statues
Original pieces of art

Year 12
All of the above plus:
Sideshow collectibles statues…

I’m told that Sideshow Collectibeles are THE statues to have and worth their ridiculous cost. I remain to be convinced about that but Scifi hubby is super excited that his first one has arrived. It’s partly how good it looks (and that I can agree with) and partly that we can at last afford to buy at least some of the things he’s always wanted.

So the box arrived

And the actual box

And the insides

And the statue itself

Now we’ve just got to wait for his two friends to arrive.

And then see how many more SC decide to release – I don’t think the budget will stretch to the whole Batman universe or Justice League. Of course, we would have to win the lottery several times over to actually buy everything Scifi hubby would want. He’s currently ‘watching’ a life size Batman statue on eBay – keep dreaming babe… 🙂

“When you don’t know what’s in your collection that’s a really big red flag because it’s not a collection anymore it’s an obsession”

A new TV series has just started on the Syfy channel called ‘Collection Intervention’ and I’m torn between laughing hysterically and calling them up to meet Scifi hubby. The first episode follows two couples as one partner tries to downsize the others collection.

The first couple are both Star Wars fans but she is completely obsessed. Their whole house is full of Star Wars stuff. Now I know friends would say that the same is true of our house but even Scifi hubby has NOTHING on this woman. We have one room dedicated to scifi (and the attic full of boxed stuff). There’s some ‘leakage’ into other rooms but nothing too serious. This couple had Star wars toys on every inch of every wall in every room and Star Wars wallpaper underneath. Shelves and shelves of memorabilia. Even their kitchen spatulas were Star Wars themed.

The second couple have a cat infestation – a Catwoman that is. He has collected Catwoman to the extreme and yet not kept anything properly. It’s quite sad actually that he’s got into debt over it and then he looses so much money on it all through buying bad pieces, keeping it in a garage and not knowing what he’s got.

The show has a valuation specialist, Elyse Luray, who helps them sort and part with some of their collections. She’s got way more patience than I would have with them. Crying over selling an Ewok – really? If you’ve got a spare hour it’s worth a watch: http://www.syfy.com/collectionintervention

All this does put Scifi hubby in perspective. He hasn’t hidden the collection from me (at least not since after I said ‘I do’ – that I know of!). It is mostly confined to one room. He does generally know what he owns. There is a certain sort of focus. He does understand the value of what he’s got and, mostly buys stuff that will increase in value. On a normal to ‘crazy collector’ scale of 1 – 10 I’d say Scifi hubby is about a 7.5. Bad but not certifiable – yet…

“Extreme collectors have a deep emotional attachment to their items” Alise Loray

What would you do with £70 million?

The lottery jackpot on Tuesday is huge and it’s got Scifi hubby thinking. He’s now spent the last three hours looking at everything he would buy.

So far Scifi hubby’s dreams include:

    VIP tickets to every US comic convention he ever wants to go to.
    Original art by lots of different people.
    Riding through every state of the US on a motorbike.
    Building our own house:

      The most important feature is that it would have a Batcave underneath, this would be a replica of the 1960s TV series set complete with the Batmobile on a rotating stand in the centre.
      A garage full of motorbikes.
      He’s been looking at life size characters to fill the cave up with from Batman to a Gamorean guard, Yoda, the Grinch…
      Any manhole covers on the ‘estate’ would need to be Gotham City themed.
      Stained glass windows of scifi characters.
      Huge TVs in every room.
      Life sized C3PO and R2D2 at the front door.

    A life sized dinosaur in the garden – we’re currently arguing over whether this has to be a herbivore (my choice) or if he can have a T-Rex.

I drew the line at a bed shaped like the Millennium Falcon and he’s kindly said he’ll let me design the kitchen…

I suppose I’d better buy a ticket.

Melting Star Wars figures

It’s the first really hot day of the year today (about 30 degrees) which always reminds me of a very early scifi hubby story…

We’d only been dating a few weeks when I arrived at his parents house (yes he still lived with his parents but to be fair so did I and we were both very young) to find him ‘washing’ his original Star Wars figures in the bathroom sink. He was a little embarrassed to be caught doing this and tried hard not to let me see how concerned he was. His bedroom was in the attic and he’d come home from work that day to discover it was over 40 degrees. His most precious Star Wars figures all lived in a glass cabinet and the plastic was sweating in the heat! He was busy bathing them to get them cool again.

Unfortunately there were a few casualties who just couldn’t be saved. A melty Max Rebo whose arms had changed colour too sticks in my mind the most. As any scifi wife will know it goes without saying that we have since found replacements.

The Star Wars figures now. Back in a glass cabinet but this time in a carefully temperature controlled room!

Happy Star Wars day!

I’m celebrating by drinking Rosé at a restaurant overlooking the river in the sunshine. I have no idea what Scifi hubby is up to. It seemed a good day to go out with colleagues from work 🙂

Star wars day seems to bring out the worst scifi jokes in scifi nerds worldwide whilst ‘normal’ people have no idea why it is even Star Wars day…


For those of you who aren’t nerds it’s because May the fourth sounds like ‘may the force… be with you’.

Scifi road trip

Why did I let myself get talked into this…? Somehow we seem to have accumulated scifi ‘stuff’ in the attic of my parents house. Not his parents house you notice but mine. Four huge packing cases of Batman toys (sorry, obviously I mean ‘collectibles’), lead figures of DC characters, an Iron Man mask, a Tonka truck (an original metal one of course), the odd Star Wars figure, just a few hotwheels cars some of which are Batmobiles, oh and not to mention hundreds of comics. All of which need to make it back to our house 1500 km away.

I started by hiring a car. Collecting it I discovered it was a Golf and not the large estate car I had ordered. 50km down the road the oil light came on – and flashed at me for the next 2950 kms…. Somehow we made it to my parents and proceeded to empty the attic.

Getting everything out of the attic was amazingly easy, partly because a wonderful friend gave us a hand. Batman can be a heavy fat bugger at times.

The helpful friend showing off her super powers

Then we had to load the car – in the rain. As I’m sure you know “the packaging is worth more than the product” so getting Batman boxes out of packing cases in order to fit them in the back of the car in the rain was a traumatic experience for Scifi hubby. After much packing and repackaging we got everything in so it wasn’t squashed but wouldn’t move around – its not even worth risking denting the corner of a box so bubble wrap and spare clothes were stuffed in every gap. Lucky we don’t have kids as there was only just space for the two of us in the car. It reminded me of one of those ‘guess how many sweets are in the jar’ competitions – ‘guess how many Batmen you can fit in a Golf’.

Heading home ‘someone’ decided we NEEDED to stop at Toysrus just in case they had anything he had to have. 30 minutes later we somehow have to get three more Iron Man toys, six more Hotwheels, foam Hulk hands, a Captain America mask and life size collectors editions Jessie and Bullseye from Toy Story into an already packed car.

Nine hours later through pouring rain we arrived home only to have to repeat the process by emptying the car whilst trying to keep everything dry.

Should I add at this point that Scifi hubby doesn’t drive.

Welcome to my world!

Welcome to my blog. I’ve been tweeting as Scifi_wife for a while and decided I needed more space to moan, complain, despair and quite frankly laugh at the antics of my scifi nerd of a husband. I love him dearly but he’s such a geek that life often becomes a little surreal. We have a whole room of our house dedicated to scifi, comics and movies but it seems to spill out from into the rest of life too – from Star Wars bedding and chopsticks to Batman statues, hotwheel cars as a coffee table and timing our holidays around scifi conventions. THIS IS NOT NORMAL…