Sonic screwdrivers at the ready we’ve been invaded by scarecrows

We’ve been visiting my parents for a few days and noticed that one of the local villages had a scarecrow festival going on. So Mum and I thought it would be fun to go along and have a look. What I wasn’t expecting was the quantity of scifi related scarecrows we found. I should have taken Scifi hubby with me.

The village had been invaded by Cybermen and Darleks but luckily Dr Who himself was there to keep them in check…

20130801-230204.jpgVarious cartoon and movie characters were littered around the village…

20130801-230314.jpgGulliver was being strapped down by the Lilliputians…

20130801-230436.jpgEven scifi dog tried to join in – can you spot the real dog?…


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