What do you want for Christmas?

I dread this question every year. My birthday and our wedding anniversary are quite close to Christmas too so it suddenly seems to be the question everyone is asking. I love the fact that family and friends want to buy pressies but I honestly don’t know what I want. I want them to surprise me with something perfect that I REALLY want but that I don’t know I want and certainly not something for the house or practical, unless of course that’s what I want and don’t know about… I’m not easy am I?

Scifi Hubby on the other hand has an endless list. So much so that people spend a lot of time trying to buy him something surprising that’s not on it! There’s been some great gifts over the years:

    The Batman snow globe based on the 1990s cartoon series which gave us problems as it has too much liquid to put in hand luggage but was too fragile to put in the hold.
    The ‘Profanasaurus’ which had Scifi hubby giggling like a 13 year old over Christmas dinner and made my mother keep asking him to read out why he was giggling – some words parents should just not know (just like they only ever had sex twice – once to conceive me, and once for my brother).
    A Skelton Pear Jam Tshirt which I got him for our first Christmas and he still has years later although its become PJs now.
    Signed Simon Bisley statue – more on this later…

We really don’t need presents. We go to see people at Christmas because we love seeing them not because of the cool things we take home with us. However if you really feel the need to buy presents then here’s some top tips for 2012:

    Scifi hubby’s Amazon wish list is up to date. And yes he really does want a whole series of comic books. Actually (Mum take note) it’s a route to a very quiet Christmas as, combined with some Southern Comfort, he will sit in the corner and read them quite happily…
    Don’t try buying Scifi hubby ‘clever household’ scifi presents. I’ve got a house full of lightsabre chop sticks, Batman bedding, superhero coasters, Superman bathmats etc (many of which were gifts and I love them, we just don’t need any more).
    Don’t bother with Star Wars – trust me he will have it already.
    Don’t forget dinosaurs – Scifi hubby is really a five year old so loves dinos.
    I’ve now got an up to date Amazon list too but don’t buy things from it as they are almost always cheaper elsewhere.
    Everyone will think that all the Mr Potato heads on my Amazon list are a mistake, they’re not. I actually quite like them and have a growing collection (maybe I’m becoming a secret geek?)
    If you see something and it makes you think of me then that is what to get me. Don’t ask me if I’d like it (just keep the receipt in case I don’t!).
    I’m starting a diet in January (I know, again). So please don’t buy me a tonne of chocolate.


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