(Dr) No more Bond movies or I may need a Licence to Kill

I’ve had (The World Is Not) Enough – if I see another James Bond movie I may go crazy. Sky TV currently has a whole channel dedicated to Bond movies. For two weeks now that is all they have shown and Tomorrow (Never Dies) doesn’t look any better. If You Only had to watch (Live) Twice I could cope but every time I turn around we seem to have James Bond on the tv.

He’s seducing innocent, and not so innocent, women, driving fast cars, playing with gadgets and making things explode. Not to forget the corny lines, innuendo and female names. Octopussy? Really?

Don’t get me wrong, I quite like James Bond movies but I can’t watch the same movie four times in a year let alone a week. I think I might Die (Another Day) if I have to watch anymore.

I do however want to go and see Skyfall at the cinema. Unfortunately Scifi hubby didn’t fancy it today so maybe next weekend. Meanwhile I’m off to find a martini – shaken, not stirred.

From Scifi wife (Russia) with Love

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