How many graphic novels can you fit in motorbike panniers?

As well as being a scifi nerd scifi hubby is also a very keen motorcyclist so we are currently away for a few days on the motorbike. In fact I’m being a human satnav. Scifi hubby is going away without me for the first time ever – however he would have got lost getting there so I played ‘satnav’ and am now spending a couple of days by the seaside with him before flying home. I then get three weeks without him and he enjoys riding around on the motorbike.

Motorbikes don’t have a lot of storage space. It’s not like you can just buy books and shove them in a suitcase or the boot of the car until you get home. He’s already got a rucksack and a tent strapped to the back and the panniers are full of waterproofs and a few tshirts. He even counted the number of pairs of underwear I packed to check I wasn’t taking up too much space. So how is buying 13 graphic novels today possible? Where exactly is he going to put them? I’m not shoving them down my leather jacket…

The less said about the leopard print bag he chose (yes it really was his choice) the better perhaps 🙂

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