Musings from 30,000 feet

I’m writing this whilst in an airplane somewhere over France (although from a safety perspective only uploading once I land of course) watching the sunset outside the window. We’re above the clouds with that beautiful affect of dusky sky above, fluffy white below and a pink line of sunset in between.

However I’m also sat over the wing of the plane. Ever since I watched Superman (the ‘new’ one with Brandon Routh) I can’t sit above the wing without expecting Superman to fly past the window and rescue me.

I know Scifi hubby complains the movie isn’t accurate to the comics and that Superman couldn’t have sex with Lois Lane let alone get her pregnant as apparently Clerks say super-sperm would kill her but quite frankly who really cares? Every woman I know likes the movie and most of us secretly love the original as well.

There’s something about the princess (Lois) being rescued from the evil villain (Lex Luthor) by the gorgeous knight in shining armour (Superman) that just appeals to the little romantic girl inside all of us. For me it’s the scene where Superman saves the plane, steps inside, looks Lois in the eyes and asks if she’s ok. Stupid man – she thinks you’ve been dead for five years and that’s all you can say?! It’s no wonder she faints away down the escape slide.

Scifi hubby has long been my Superman…

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