Scifi advent calendar: day 7. Where’s Batman when you need him?

We got home from holiday recently at 6am and I started taking things in from the car whilst Scifi hubby sorted Scifi baby out in the car/driveway. As I walked into the kitchen I nearly tripped over the lasagna dish on the kitchen floor so shouted at Scifi hubby for leaving it in such a strange place. As he came in the house I was about to tell him off for leaving the sideboard drawers open too when we suddenly realised that we’d been burgled. Once Scifi hubby stopped roaming around the house with his baseball bat like a character from Shaun of the Dead checking for burglars hiding in the wardrobes I called the police and we started to make a list of what was missing.

The burglar had come in by breaking our cellar window and had left the same way so, luckily, hadn’t taken anything big. No electronics, no laptop and amazingly nothing from Scifi hubby’s collection was touched. ‘Just’ my jewelry and what little cash we had in the house. As always with burglaries it’s the sentimental losses that hurt most and the sense of someone having rummaged through everything in the house. They had even been through Scifi baby’s room.

The police came quickly, took fingerprints and looked round. You could see them smile as they opened Scifi hubby’s office door and they weren’t surprised that the burglars hadn’t wanted a lot of Batman stuff. Maybe if it had been TinTin…

It was only when we went to bed that night that we wondered where our duvet was. In fact two king sized duvets, as the spare one we keep at the end of the bed (in case of Scifi baby accidents) was missing too. We can only assume the burglars took them! Worse, we then realised that both duvets had specially made duvet covers on them with – you guessed it – Batman! No one can work out why the burglars took them and the insurance company didn’t seem to find it very funny. But I can’t get the image out of my head that somewhere there are some burglars snuggled up under the world’s greatest detective!

Scifi advent calendar: day four

IMG_0642.JPGScifi mother in law (my Mum) got dragged into making new trousers for Hulk. Yes we have more than one Hulk – who doesn’t. And those of you who looked at this picture and sniggered at two Hulks ‘shagging’ need to join Scifi hubby in the naughty corner.

Scifi wife advent calendar: Day one

Given how rubbish I’ve been at posting for most of this year I seem to have a lot of short stories I haven’t shared. I thought I’d try and post one a day until Christmas as a Scifi Advent calendar of sorts. There may still be the odd ‘proper’ post as well but for now here’s day one of the advent calendar…

IMG_0502.JPGScifi baby meeting an Alien. You can’t tell because of the Hulk head but I promise he is actually smiling!

Stan don’t jump!

This has been a half written post on my iPad for months. Life keeps getting in the way of updating the blog and this post in particular feels like hard work. Finally I’ve finished it, so more than a little late but here you go…

Scifi hubby hasn’t been to a comic con since New York Comic Con in 2012! There simply wasn’t a con worth going to at the start of 2013 and then once we knew I was pregnant we needed to save up so cons were banned. To make it up to him I promised we would go to London Film and Comic Con (LFCC) in July, take Scifi baby in cosplay and I would look after baby leaving him free to roam around the con like a feral comic book geek. He spent ages planning what he’d do for, arranging to meet friends, working out which celebrities and comic book folk he wanted to see, planning what to take to get signed etc etc.

Quite early on the con announced Stan Lee as one of the guests. For those who don’t know Stan is one of the creators of Spiderman, the Avengers, Hulk, Iron Man and half of the Marvel world. For a comic geek he is one of THE people to meet. He’s also 93 and lives in America. We’ve met him before but when LFCC announced this was his last European convention the fans went crazy. Scifi hubby went into a Stan Lee spiral trying to work out how many books he wanted signing, how to carry them all, how to make sure he got in the queue early enough to make sure he got the autographs he wanted and which costumes Scifi baby should be wearing to meet him. Eventually I gave in and simply bought him a silver pass which got him early access and pretty much guaranteed him seeing Stan Lee.

I’m not going to go into all the saga of the con itself suffice to say the organization was terrible, they changed the entry rules two days before the con, added an extra signing and essentially made having the silver pass pointless. However he did get everything signed and a photo with Stan and Scifi baby. Scifi baby decided that the middle of comic con weekend, whilst staying in a hotel, was the best time to get his first tooth. So in the queue for Stan’s autograph not only was I trying to juggle a hyperactive Scifi hubby who was faffing about with coloured sharpies and taking books out of plastic covers but I was also trying to push the buggy, feed a bottle to a hot, tired, grumpy and teething Scifi baby who was dressed as Ironman. Who said holidays were relaxing?

My favourite moment of the weekend came on the Saturday afternoon though. Scifi hubby had a slot booked to have his photo taken with Stan Lee. Of course this is comic con so it still involved a queue. A long one. One with no barriers or any shape of organisation. And Scifi hubby wanted to have Scifi baby in the photo too. I wasn’t allowed to join the queue with them so I was stuck the other side of a large crowd from them with the buggy. It was fine – until Stan ran late. Nearly an hour late.

Predictably hot, tired, grumpy and teething Scifi baby, who was by then dressed as Spider-Man, wanted feeding. I could hear him even if I couldn’t see him and there was no way I could get to them with the buggy. Luckily a friend of ours came to the rescue.

Doug is a really nice guy but looks like a cross between Lobo and a character from the Star Wars Cantina bar. He was actually helping out at the show so was wearing a staff T-shirt but was on a break so came to say hi. I took the opportunity to leave the buggy with him, grab a bottle and cloth and shove my way through the crowd to deliver it to Scifi hubby before retreating back. I emerged from the crush of (stinky) comic book geeks to find Doug surrounded. Not by the usual geeks asking annoying questions about how to get to meet Stan Lee but by women. Lots of them. Some of them in cosplay. He was stood in the middle, leaning on the buggy chatting away. It seems there is something to the idea that women are attracted to men with babies – or even just the idea of babies.

Scifi hubby got his photo and only we know that he has a baby bottle and cloth shoved in his back pocket.


IMG_0495.JPG Stan don’t jump!

So that’s why my husband is dotty….

Scifi hubby is obsessed by dots…. I don’t mean polka dots, or spots I mean the three dots you put at the end of a sentence to signify an unfinished thought or missing words…. Apparently they are called ‘ellipsis’…. He puts them on the end of every sentence…. Just like this paragraph….

Now this obsession has me jumping up and down in grammatical rage already as he really over uses them. They are on every Facebook status, text message, email, everywhere. He’s driving me nuts. But it gets worse. Can you spot what is wrong with the dots in the first paragraph? It’s not just that they are at the end of every sentence but he uses four dots not three. ARGH! WRONG WRONG WRONG!

He’s driven me crazy with this for years. I started to think he was only doing it to wind me up but I’ve just discovered he actually has a reason for it. One that makes sense in a very geeky kind of way.

Now if you already now what I’m about to type you can officially class yourself as a fully qualified super-geek.

He put Star Wars on DVD this weekend and for the first time I really paid attention to the start of the credits. Everyone knows the yellow text scrolling up the screen: “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…” But have you ever properly looked at it?

IMG_0646.PNGIf you look closely it doesn’t say “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…”. It says “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away….” Yes there’s an extra dot.

It gets worse. The yellow scrolling text finishes with four dots each time too. For bonus super-geek points there’s one movie that only has three dots at the end of the the yellow scroll.

IMG_0657.JPGThanks George Lucas. Now I know why it’s four not three it’s driving me a little less crazy. I just need to wean him off using them on every sentence.

P.S. If you can tell me what’s wrong with the scroll photos you get even more super-geek points….

Breaking up is hard to do

I feel like I’ve just helped my husband to dump a girlfriend. We’ve been going to the same comic shop for over four years now but since we moved house the shop is now a two hour drive away. We’ve been going back every couple of months anyway as he likes and trusts them but also because they are one of only three shops in the country that can order through Previews, the catalogue of forthcoming comics, books and other stuff from the American publishers. They have very kindly posted his copy of Previews to him for the past few months and he has emailed his order in but it’s not quite the same.

I finally persuaded him to visit one of the other Preview stockists last weekend. This one is only 40 minutes away and in a city I go through quite often to get to the airport. The shop is a bit hidden away but once we found it we discovered they have a good range of stuff and not just Tintin and Asterix which seem to be the local comic diet. Even better it seems the new manager is a Londoner, speaks English and understands/likes American comics himself. Hurrah!

Cue a series of emails, orders and plans as Scifi hubby starts to shift his forthcoming Previews order to them. The whole process started to feel like a series of first dates!

Then the hard bit – we had to visit the old comic shop to collect last month’s delivery and then tell them he was moving shops. Scifi hubby came over all tongue tied. It really felt like I was watching a teenage boy working out how to dump his first girlfriend. So I did it for him! I couldn’t bear the agony any longer so just told them straight.

We will still have to go back for a few more months as items we have ordered already finally arrive but hopefully by Christmas 2015 we should be done.

IMG_0640.JPG Scifi baby also likes Previews – he tries to help daddy and thinks it tastes quite yummy