The Wampa ate my cheese…

Ok, so it didn’t really (I’m reliably informed that Wampas are carnivores and don’t like cheese) but Star Wars is beginning to take over the fridge to the extent that I can’t fit that much in it anymore. In fact the Hoth system appears to encompass the chest freezer as well. I need to send a droid probe in to find out exactly what’s going on but we seem to have Han Solo hiding under a bag of peas and a pack of frozen chicken.

Anyone know of a good way to evict Wampa, tauntaun, Luke and Han Solo? Maybe I need to send the Empire’s Imperial Fleet and AT-ATs in to get them out? On the other hand perhaps I shouldn’t even suggest that in case I come home to find an AT-AT in the freezer too.

20131006-141208.jpgCan you see the problem?

20131006-141255.jpgThey’re taking over

20131006-141338.jpgThey had better not eat my chocolates…

By Scifiwife

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