So what is Scifi hubby getting for Christmas?

I think Scifi hubby is hoping I might post what he’s getting for Christmas but he will just have to wait and see. We’re on a grown ups only Christmas so, despite the fact that its nearly lunchtime the presents are still under the tree – to be fair to everyone else this is mainly because Scifi hubby has only just emerged from under the duvet…

So instead of today’s presents I thought I’d tell you about Christmas from a few years ago…

Scifi hubby had seen a huge Batman statue based on Simon Bisley’s artwork that he saw online, bought and then told me it was my Christmas gift to him. It arrived a couple of weeks before Christmas and he laughed as I hid it away as, of course, he knew exactly what it was.

Simon ‘Biz’ Bisley is a hugely famous comic artist who we happened to make friends with a few years ago. What Scifi hubby didn’t know that Christmas was that I had contacted Simon and asked if he would sign the statue. I used to drive past Simon’s house every day on my way home from work so we agreed that I would stop by one evening and get the statue signed. Simon is one of the most disorganized people I know so I suggested that I could bring a blank Christmas card with me so he could send a card to Scifi hubby too.

I bundled the statue into the boot of the car and took it to work. Then followed a ridiculous week of actually trying to get hold of Biz whilst stopping Scifi hubby realizing the statue was in the car. Finally on Christmas eve Biz answered the phone and said he’d be at home if I came round. When I arrived his wife gave me a cup of tea and some Christmas cake whilst Simon nattered away and sketched on the base of the statue. He also produced a sketch he done that day of him and Scifi hubby dressed as Lobo and Batman (below). I couldn’t believe it. I’m not sure any Christmas present will ever top a sketch by your hero of you.

On Christmas morning all the presents were under the tree and Scifi hubby opened them all except the Bisley statue. The line “I know what it is so what’s the point” was heard until I actually had to threaten him to make him open it. I then had to get him to open the box itself which he really didn’t see the point of. Finally the penny dropped. His face as he realised that Simon had signed it was worth all the effort.

Slowly he worked out that meant I had seen Simon so I got quizzed to death. The icing on the cake was the final present I had hidden. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw that. I’m not sure what I can ever get him for Christmas that will top that, although he’s still not forgiven me for having tea and Christmas cake with Biz with out him.

Unfortunately I don’t think I can pull the same rabbit out of a hat twice but fingers crossed Santa brings him some nice presents to make up for it.

Happy Christmas everyone!


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